*Are you certain every person in your organization is sold out to your vision?

We have a mission statement.  Wait, I think we do.  Anyway…yeah, it’s not rocket science what we do. Everyone here knows.  Then why does it feel so disconnected?  Why does it feel like no one is following your lead?

*Are you a brand who’s voice STANDS FOR something or more concerned about SEPARATING FROM everything?

We will debunk the myth that to be successful we have to defeat someone or something.  Success isn’t defined by who you aren’t it’s deeply rooted in who you are.

*Are you committed to excel at YOUR thing or do you find yourself distracted by EVERYTHING?

 “The busier we are the more we will get done”.  That’s the lie that squashes anything of significance. Simplify.  Pick your target and hit it instead of aiming at everything at hitting nothing.

*Are you willing to embrace RISK to get the results you need or is playing it SAFE your ideal strategy?

When we move only between the lines of what we already know, that is the extent to which our organization will grow.


*Are you more concerned about RESPECT or HONOR?

We place a disproportionate focus on respect and miss the opportunity to speak to the potential in every person within our organizations.  Respect is earned over time.  Honor flows from day one.

*Are you postured as a culture to KNOW or to LEARN?

Our posture as an organization will define the long-term success we will or will not realize.  Learning is active and ongoing.  Knowing is complacent and static.


Individual preference over the vision of the organization is a death sentence to progress. We’ll tackle the tough conversation of separating the two.

*Are you focused on TAKING IN or GIVING AWAY?

Progress is often defined by what we bring in.  Sales, new accounts, new divisions, etc… Going above and beyond to be known as a culture of giving sacrificially will position our organizations to thrive.


*Are you preparing for where you are GOING or trying to maintain where you are STAYING?

When we focus only on where we are we miss the opportunity to set systems and structures in place to get us where we need to go.  We will find the edge of your momentum and leverage it to propel you forward.

*Are you moving on what you CAN or are you stuck because you are focused on what you CAN’T?

Your greatest potential for a breakthrough moment is not found thinking outside the box.  It’s embracing what’s within your reach.  Do what you can, where you are with what you have.  Do it with excellence.

*Are you MEASURING results or just HOPING to get some?

Stop apologizing for standards and start holding people accountable to them. You can’t determine growth without a way to measure it.  Own it.  Be accountable to it.  Celebrate it when it happens.

*Are you ending your day THANKFUL for the opportunities you had today or STRESSED about the problems you face tomorrow?

Living out your calling may be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. That’s why it’s worth it!  Perspective brings focus to where you are, where you are going and how to get there.


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