Comeback Bringing


“How to launch a comeback that will leave a legacy of impact!”

Comeback Bringing is bold. It will make you think, laugh, cry, and then some. You’ll likely repeat those emotions in varying order as

you connect with the heart of the message it brings.

And in the end, every last word will walk you into the moment you’ve been longing for…

Real life change.  A purpose.  A vision.

If you’ve known you were meant for more, but not been able to put your finger on what “more” is, this book will walk you straight

into the answer. The answer isn’t what we expect it to be, but it’s everything we need it to be.

Comeback Bringing will lift you up and get you moving forward…

to launch a comeback that will leave a legacy of impact!


Brett W. Gould is an author, speaker, teacher and coach.

He is the founder of WHOBIX, “A Perspective Agency” that exists to help people discover WHO they are so they will know what to do.

His passion is seeing people live out their calling.

He is married to his best friend, Cara.

Brett and Cara live in Fredonia, NY, with their three gifts from God, Ella Russell (12), Oscar William (9), and Sawyer James (5).

You can the book site here:

Get ready to experience a life changing message.

This has proven to be a game changing experience for many people.

Visit the site and hear what readers of the book are saying for yourself.

We hope it’s an encouragement to you as you pursue your comeback!



2 thoughts on “Comeback Bringing

  1. You are in my prayers. After reading your Haggai clip and your site, I can see that you are a true messenger of God and those who are to find you here will. I found you in a most round about way, a most unexpected find. I’m grateful.

    I’m so glad you found the center of God’s will for your life. I have also and there is no greater place to be or way to live. I pray that more can find it. Thanks for being here! Helen/DallasTX

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