Dear 2016,


Dear 2016,

Seeing as how you and I are going to be spending quite a bit of time together, I figured it might be nice to get to know each other better. At the very least, I’d like to share some of what’s on my heart now that we’ve been formally introduced.

I’ve heard that your approach to life is a “take it one day at a time” kind of deal. Yesterday doesn’t really factor in too much. It’s about today, and the ones that follow. That’s cool. I can relate to that…sometimes. But I have to admit there are days when all I can do is lament on the mistakes of a previous day, wishing I could have a do-over. So when you see me doing that, I’d love it if you could remind me that my best days are still ahead of me.

I’ve also heard you are a pretty forgiving friend. Like you give 365 chances to get it right. That’s a lot. That’s more than I deserve. I appreciate that. But I’ve also heard that depending on how I handle things, I’m not necessarily guaranteed any of them. That’s fair. I’ll do my best to live this year to honor the fact that I very well will have all 365 chances, but not dismiss any one of them along the way by valuing any of them less than the other.

I’m really not sure how things will unfold for you and me, but I know I’m full of lots of emotions about it. Excitement. Nervousness. Anticipatory. Curious. Hopeful. A collision of all of them, more of them, and some I can’t even think of at this moment. That’s kinda’ awesome, and completely nuts at the same time. Again, thanks for taking this thing one day at a time with me. Should be pretty interesting to see how all of that plays out the more we are around each other.

I guess at the end of the day, I’m looking at making some new habits more a part of my life, and some old ones…well, less. If I’m being honest…I tend to view my success of doing that in the here and now, and not value the long-term ride I’m on. Once in a while it would be great if you could remind me of the whole 365 thing again…in case one of my days is, well…less than stellar. Like…if I fall flat on my face…tap me on my emotional shoulder…send some encouragement to peel my butt of the ground…and see the opportunity in front of me as the thing that matters most. Thanks for that.

Let’s talk a lot. Let’s dream. Let’s let our hair down a little and not take life so seriously all the time. Let’s be present in one another’s company, and those closest to us. Let’s remind each other that having each other is the gift. If we can do that for one another, I have a feeling we are really going to like all this time we are going to spend together.

One last thing. Could you look out for my family and friends? They mean the world to me. I’d like them to know you as the friend that brought them health the whole time you know them. Encourage them. Bring them hope. They are pretty incredible people. And along the way help all of us to find a way to make you an intentional part of every person’s life we meet along the way…even, and especially if, we don’t really know them at all.

The world we live in is really struggling with letting love win right now. It seems like everywhere I turn people are desperately trying to find a side to take, instead of a hand to hold. That part makes me sad. Somehow, in the 365 chances we all get to do this thing with you…we need gentle reminders to slow down and value the people around us more than the pride in us. Again…thanks ahead of time for that.

Well…I guess it’s time to do this. The first couple of days have been nice together. Let’s keep that ball rolling…and see if we can’t make our relationship one that we talk about forever.

It’s nice to meet you, 2016.

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to do life with you.

Let’s make it…

A relationship to remember.

Your friend,



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