How I went from 0.00 to 4.00, and why your students need to hear this message…

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Two pictures.

One story.

This is the root of WHO I am, and WHY I do what I do everyday.

I help students discover WHO they are so they will know WHAT to do. When someone is lost, confused, frustrated, distracted…you pick the descriptor that matches the reality of their current existence…they end up in moments like the first of these two pictures.

Faling out of school.

I was 18 years old and did not make the transition to college well. Not because I couldn’t. Because I chose not to. I made poor decisions, and I had to live with the consequences. The immediate consequence was failing out of college. The ones that followed were repairing trust, relationships, and working my tail off to launch a comeback. This wouldn’t be the end for me.

The second picture is what happened 3 years later.

The comeback from a GPA of 0.00 to a 4.00 was complete.

What had to happen in the 3 years in between is what qualifies me to speak to the next generation in a way that honestly…most can’t. Many people simply went to college, had a great experience, graduated…and moved on with life. And now, when they are faced with a student they know…be it their own or someone else’s…who is struggling…they find it hard to relate. And the student feels the same way.

I have a friend that once said “Don’t waste your pain”.

So I’ve chosen not to.

I’ve chosen my life’s work to make sure other students don’t repeat what I went through. It’s a message for students who are struggling now (obviously)…but it’s also a message for students that can’t see it coming, or don’t want to believe it could happen to them. It’s for students that were top performers in their class in HS and feel like this has nothing to do with them. (I was in the top 20% of my HS class…so yes, it can happen to anyone)

If this is resonating with you, we should talk.

The sad part is…I’ve spoken with many schools that act like they don’t have this problem. They essentially take the “we’re all set, thanks anyway” approach. And every time I hear it…to be honest…it infuriates me. And it fuels me. To keep going. To share my story. Because I know there are students in their care that are silently suffering. Students that are hurting. Students that don’t believe in themselves. Students that need to know they aren’t alone…and hear it from someone who lived it. Students who need to hear that what is happening right now doesn’t have to define WHO they are for the rest of their lives. Students who need to be shown a fresh perspective so that they can create a new reality.

There have also been many places that have embraced my story, and asked me to speak to their students. And in those moments, we’ve seen growth. We’ve seen an awakening in their student’s perspective that this could be them if they aren’t careful. It’s given encouragement to some that are going through this in their own lives right now…that they too can make it through. They too can comeback.

0.00 to a 4.00

It’s a true story.

It’s a collision of where nightmare meets comeback.

One that happened to me.

And all the pain it caused, and hard-work to make it back that it demanded?

It’s a true story your students need to hear.

Their future depends on it.

And because they depend on you?

They need you to connect this opportunity to their world.

They need you to reach out and talk with me, so that this story can be heard by them.

It would be an honor to be a resource to help you reach the next generation of students…wherever you are.

I’ll close with a few questions and a simple challenge:

Do you have anyone in your organization that can predict what is about to happen because they have been there?

Failed out and made it back?

It’s not too late for your students that are struggling, or may in the future.

I can help you stop what is about to happen.

The question is…will you let me?

Together, we’ll turn your under-achievers into over-comers.

Thanks for the ear, today.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Here is how to reach me:

Brett W. Gould

Founder, WHOBIX – A Perspective Agency

716-672-9661     @BrettWGould on Twitter


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