Finland’s Education System: 10 Surprising Facts That Americans Shouldn’t Ignore

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I decided to do something a little different today…

I’m sharing a post I read that blew my mind, and has caused me to re-think a lot about education from a parent’s point of view.  I hope you will click the link below, and spend the 5 minutes it takes to read it.

Fair warning: It will leave you reeling, as you realize we have a responsibility to do something about it. I’m not sure in this moment what “it” is…but I know something must be done.

Either that, or we all move to Finland.

But I don’t cave easily…

so I’m thinking no movement to another country…just involvement in our own.

It’s hard to deny that our educational system is being destroyed by people that have no clue, have no skin in the game, and no real accountability. To be clear…I’m not talking about teachers. I’m talking about “key decision makers” that are making moves that are absolutely hurting the future of the next generation.

So…here is the link:

And if you choose to comment below, that would be great. I love sharing thoughts, ideas, and arriving at creative solutions. But if the comment is a rude, curse-tirade of anger, I won’t approve it for posting.

Thanks for your understanding.


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