Cinnamon Toast & Blue Jeans…

I was making my world famous cinnamon toast this morning. And by world famous, I mean cheap, easy and not homemade in any way shape or form.  Unless you count me grabbing two pieces of bread out of the toaster and pouring insane amounts of cinnamon and sugar on it after I bathed the toast in butter.  In that case, yes…I am a culinary genius.

While in preparation of said masterpiece, Sawyer stumbled into the kitchen with a somewhat shocked and bewildered look on his face.  It’s not that abnormal for him, as when he first wakes up he regularly looks like a college co-ed after a long night of NOT studying.

He proceeds to look at me and blurt out…


He seemed very concerned, and I wasn’t quite sure what he meant…so I asked him to clarify.

“I saw the clothes on your chair, and I thought you were blown up!”

Still not entirely sure what he meant, I assured him that I was indeed standing in the flesh (not having done my best David Copperfield act)…in the kitchen…making my legendary cinnamon toast.

He seemed content with the fact that since I was standing there right in front of him, that I had not actually been blown to smithereens and he could go about starting his day.

But I still couldn’t figure out how he thought I blew up.  That is, until I walked into my office, and saw what you see in the picture above.

Then I laughed.  In my great efficient system otherwise known as “Project leave my jeans where I took them off last night”…I may or may not have left them in such a manner that suggested to a 4 year old that his dad had in fact imploded into thin air. What you don’t see on the back of that chair is the shirt and hat I was wearing the day before as well.

Poor kid.

We’ve been telling him to be a good boy, and love Jesus…and one day Jesus will come back for us. (Unless we all get really old and meet him in Heaven first.)

Then he walks in and sees what appears to be his dad having vanished into thin air.

It’s all good.  He didn’t think I was with Jesus, just blown up.  And I can’t say as I blame him.

As a dad, I don’t always set the best example that would dictate my son’s first thought being that I was with Jesus.  Guess I have some work to do.  Maybe someday I will make it out of his “blown up” imagination and into the good graces him thinking I am “home with Jesus”.

Until then…I’ll keep plugging.  I’ll keep laughing, spending time with our kids, and loving their mom so they see what a healthy relationship looks like. Oh yeah, and making the best darn cinnamon toast this world has ever seen. AND…putting my clothes away instead of “hanging them” on the chair in my office.

The toast will make the world smile.

The latter has it’s benefits too.

That will make my wife smile.

Huh?  Putting clothes away can do that?

Who knew!

And to think I learned all of this from cinnamon toast and blue jeans.





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