5 Minutes With Sawyer…

Sawyer Coaster Ride Tongue OutI work from my home office.  When I am not on the road with clients…that means “bring your kid to work day” happens more for me, than most.  That means I have an unending supply of free entertainment from the moment I wake up until the “last” 37th trip down and up the stairs my youngest child makes procrastinating his bedtime.

The other day was like many before them.  As I was sorting paperwork, I had a short visitor stop by.  He found the time to break away from conquering the world.  Some days he does it as Buzz Lightyear.  Other days it’s Woody…or Spiderman…or any kind of Ninja his little mind can make up.

And like most days in my office, I had music on in the background.  It helps me think.  It clears my thoughts and sparks my creativity to work.  To write.

On this day he climbed up into my office chair quietly.  I sorted.  The music still playing.  A soft, orchestral type of song. I listen to a lot of film scores.  The film this song was from I can’t remember now.

The song title wasn’t important.  The moment was.  And I want to share with you how very blessed I am to get to experience this.  Any other parent has likely had many of these themselves.

So today…I want to invite you to experience Sawyer.

5 Minutes With Sawyer…to be exact.

Here they are (“S” is for Sawyer, “D” for Daddy and anything in parenthesis are my thoughts/comments on what was happening in the room)

S: Is Jesus everywhere around us in the world?

D: Yes.

S:  Jesus. (He pauses, looking very matter of fact) This song is about Jesus. (There are no words in the song, but if you had seen his face, you couldn’t have argued he was wrong.  It was like he knew something I didn’t)

S: Rex is behind you daddy. (from Toy Story).  Jesus is on your right…Batman is on your left…and Green Lantern is on top of you!

D: What about in front of me and below me?

S:  Billy is below you. (Billy…from Billy and Mandy. A show the kids watch that I candidly have no clue what it is. Great parent, I know) And our apple tree is in front of you. And the eyes are on the inside. They never pop out. For his eyeball parts, we need to cut little circles, and a triangle piece for his nose. Then we need to make a cut like this (he motions what a smile looks like with his hands), and that’s how our apple would be complete for a live guy.

S:  And guess who’s in your closet?

D:  Who?

S:  Buzz Lightyear!

S:  Guess who’s in your chair?

D:  Who?

S:  Minnie Mouse!

S:  Guess who’s by your air vent?

D:  Who?

S:  The Red Lantern. He’s a bad guy, but if you zap him he’ll turn into a good guy if you zap him with your pointer finger. ZAP HIM WITH YOUR POINTER FINGER!

D:  Ok, I will…just a minute.

S:  OK, I will be waiting in the closet. (He goes in and then returns to show me that Buzz is the size of my thumb).

(Now I zap Red Latern…after typing).

S: Now Red Latern is turned into a good guy!

S: (A Pandora SubWay commercial airs on the computer between songs bc I am too cheap to pay the $3 or $4 bucks for “ad free listening” even though the ads drive me nuts) Hey dad, they said Subway’s eat fresh!…so now you would like SubWay. (He says this as he pops up and bounds out of the room)

D: Hey Sawyer, go get mommy (to hear a song from the musical, Grease, that just came on)

S: I can’t…I’m going potty! (He yells loud enough that the distance between the open bathroom door and my office is the perfect intercom for him)

D: OK.


D: Did you go pee?

S: No, I pooped.

D: (I type…knowing soon I will wipe)

S: (Creates the noise of 5 lbs of toilet paper unrolling)

D: (that’s my cue to move, and move quick!) I’ll be right there!

And on, and on it goes.

Welcome to just 5 minutes with Sawyer.  And I have 3 wonderful children that these moments have happened with…over the past 12 plus years.  Sometimes as a dad I miss them because I am too busy shushing them, telling them to “dial it down”.  I wish I could say I’ve heard them all.  But on this day…I am reminded how incredibly important it is to allow myself to experience as many of them as possible.

I don’t know if this was entertaining for you, today.  It was for me.  And I guess that’s why I needed to write it.  Sometimes I write wondering if something will connect with my readers.  Today, it’s not that I don’t care if it does…it’s just…I am realizing that the record of it’s happening is the win…AND…that I need to write more from this place.

Thanks for stopping by “5 Minutes With Sawyer” today.

Through the imagination of a child anything really is possible.

Now it’s your turn…

Go find 5 minutes.

Go find one of your kids.

Go experience life through their imagination.

It’s truly…amazing.






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