The Sudden Minute

Oscar:Sawyer Sea World

Notice how Oscar is pointing something out to Sawyer. His heart is always connected to seeing things quickly and sharing them in a way that makes a difference in the lives of others.

Oscar and I were on the way to his gymnastics class the other day, and this conversation happened…

Oscar:  I know what Cheryl will say the sudden minute I get there!  She will ask how my vacation was!

Me:  What is the difference between a minute and a sudden minute?

Oscar:  Like, the very first few seconds.

Me:  Instead of just within the first minute it has to be in the first few seconds of the first minute?

Oscar:  Yup.

And it got me thinking about how intentional we are/aren’t in life.  Now I know in most cases the difference between seconds 2 and 22 or 42 in the first minute of anything may not seem like much.  Just don’t ask the guy who is choking.  He’d beg to differ.

But what Oscar said made me wonder if I am that intentional, passionate and persistent about the things that do matter most in my life.  I’ve begun to take a mental inventory over the past couple of weeks of changes I need to make.  Sudden Minute changes actually.  And this week I am starting an actual physical plan to deal with them.

It starts with eating better and includes sleeping, and exercising.  But it also includes being intentional about what I commit myself to and what I don’t with my time.  Sometimes saying “yes” to something just because it seems easy is all the reason you need to know it’s time to say “no”.

For example…

I am a night owl.  But I am starting to believe there are aspects to that lifestyle that take away time from my family.  And I learned that on vacation.  I found myself going to bed at the same time as my wife, and able to get up at the same time and enjoy starting the day together. I liked it.  A lot. And I never really realized what I was missing until now.

I don’t know what it is for you, and the changes don’t have to be drastic in order to be effective.

Sometime it’s a matter of seconds.

Sometimes it’s just knowing the difference between a minute and…

A Sudden Minute.

That difference may just tell you what truly matters, and what needs to be discarded.

That is worth the effort.

Those are seconds that matter.

The “very first few seconds”…

in the sudden minute.

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