The BIG Step Stair!

Sawyer BIG Step Stair 1

Me:  “Sawyer, buddy…where are you?”

Sawyer: “I’m on the big step stair!”

It’s his place.

He can see things from a higher perspective and he has a place for his friends to experience it with him. (That’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody if you were curious)

He knows that halfway up the stairs there is a place he can rest, ponder, and stare out at life.

And it’s right in front of him.

As soon as his response left his mouth it taught me something.

We all need our own “big step stair”.

Do you have one?

His is halfway up a steep climb.  That means we might have to put some effort in to get to it.

His is in a place he passes everyday.  That means we might have to use a resource we already have.

His allows him to see things from a higher ground. That means we might have to do the same.

And it reminds me of my journey through life.

The hard work may feel like it’s breaking us when in fact it may be taking us to a point we can rest.  It may be taking us right to a point we can see things differently from.

I don’t know where it might be for you…

but I’d encourage you to look at your surroundings again today.

You have a “big step stair” right in front of you.  You pass it everyday.

Make sure you don’t pass it up.

You might just see the different perspective you’ve been waiting to see

in the place where you already are.

Sawyer BIG Step Stair 2

Look at this picture carefully for one last reminder.

See his reflection in the glass?

His reflection is looking out at the world from a new perspective.

Are you reflecting on what’s in front of you from the same viewpoint over and over?

If so, find your own “big step stair.”

That’s where you’ll find the perspective you’ve been wanting to see.

Until Next Time,





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