Leverage The Resistance!

Brett - Bike

The absence of struggle is the presence of mediocrity.

Put another way, it’s like a grown adult riding around on the first bike they learned to ride on.


Here is what I mean…

If we aren’t careful we can stop before we’ve ever really begun because we confuse a “struggle-free” existence as a sign of success that “we’ve made it”…rather than as an opportunity to leverage struggle so that we continue to move forward.

Building momentum hinges on our ability to move forward,

and moving forward means managing pressure.

Think of it like this…

The gears on a bike.  The higher the gear, the harder it is to peddle forward.  There is more resistance.

Yet, we find ourselves traveling further with each rotation as we push forward. What we are up against is the very thing that contains our momentum.  The difference is if we see it as opposition we can’t overcome or an opportunity to tackle head on.

If all we do is celebrate the day our parents let go of the back of our bike seat and we didn’t fall down we’ll think the destination was learning how to ride.  That time in our life is no doubt a milestone, and one to be celebrated, but it’s not the ultimate end game.

We’d all look silly, if as adults, we rode around today on the bike we first learned to ride on.

At some point, we have to trade it in for an upgrade.  For the next opportunity. For the only thing that can get us to our future.

And we must teach our kids that life works the same way.  The higher the hill, windier the road and narrower the path requires an incredible focus. A very intentional, daily focus. And it’s that focus that will allow them to accomplish so much more than they ever thought possible.

As a parent it’s hard to see our kids “fall off the bike”. And sometimes it’s even harder to have to tell them that what they are riding on is not what they need moving forward. It’s calling them out of their comfort zone so that they can reach another milestone.

And we have to go first.

If we don’t model it for them, it’s isn’t very likely they will embrace it as their own.

As a dad today, I am challenging myself not to believe that “struggle-free” is synonymous with arrival.  I am going to look for ways to leverage the resistance SO THAT my kids can go further, faster and blow right by mediocrity on their way to fulfilling their destiny.

That’s a journey worth the ride.

When “Look, mom…NO HANDS!” is replaced with white knuckles.

Make sure you celebrate the no hands moments!  They are fun.

But at some point, encourage them to trade in the bike they are comfortable with…

SO THAT they will…

peddle harder, grip tighter…and go for it to tackle something that challenges them.

If we don’t?

We aren’t fooling anyone. And we aren’t doing our job as parents to prepare them for their future.

My 4 year year old saw my wife taking this picture, and he said…

“Dad, what are you doing on my bike?”

Trust me, they know the difference when they see it.

It’s our role as parents to encourage our kids to pursue the challenge

rather than embrace what’s comfortable.

I can’t wait to get our bikes out and show our kids how to make the leap from what they learned last year to the incredible opportunity they have in front of them this year.

Wheelies, jumps, no hands, bigger bikes, harder gears…aka…a world of opportunity to be explored!

We will…


And yes, that’s snow in March.  Welcome to WNY.

Until Next Time,



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