Revolt At Bedtime…

Sawyer Stairs 2

I heard a voice yelling from upstairs after our younger two kids were in bed for the night.

It said… (rather loudly and with as much intimidation as he could muster)


As my wife and I rounded the corner & looked up the back stairs the picture above is what we saw.

(Yes…that’s a Philadelphia Eagles football helmet and a nerf gun. Go read my checkers post from the other day to fully appreciate the irony in how this helmet was used in this picture!)

And like true action pics…the quality isn’t great.  But it helps you understand the hilarity of what we saw!

Here is the view from the bottom of the stairs for full effect…

Sawyer Stairs 1

Sometimes being a parent is hard.

This wasn’t one of those days.

This…was just.  plain.  hysterical.

We laughed.  So did he.  I told him how cool he was.  He smiled. We pretended to get taken down by his bedtime revolt.  He giggled. And once he was all done posing for his action pics?

He was more than happy to go back to bed.

He had, after all…just won.

On every level.

And so did we.

Count your blessings today. Hug your kids.

And don’t forget to tell them how amazingly clever they are when they stage their version of…

A bedtime revolt.

Happy Wednesday.

I hope this post makes you smile and helps you enjoy the middle of the week just a little bit more today.

Until next time,


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