The Eyeball Test…


Bedtime last night…

Sawyer: My eyes aren’t tired.Me: It’s time for bed.

Sawyer: But…
my eyes don’t want to sleep.
my eyes want somebody to look at them.
my eyes want to look at you.
my eyes want to watch toy story.

Me: Goodnight, buddy.

I think he was still going when I left his room. Persistent little dude.

The persistence of a child is rarely found inside the fortitude of an adult. 
Somewhere along the line we mail it in. It gets too hard.  It seems too hopeless.
Some call it being realistic.
To a four year old? He’d say that is ridiculous.
Why wouldn’t you try with everything you have?  Why wouldn’t you ask every way you can think of, using every possible resource at your disposal (including your lower lip stuck out and quivering to sell it).
When Sawyer said those words to me last night…I admit, I almost caved. I almost gave in. Hey…you would have too. He’s stinking adorable. And he knows how to work a room.
And clearly it made an impression on me, because here I am the next morning blogging about it.
He taught me a couple of things last night. One I mentioned before that I will repeat, and one more…
1. The persistence of a child is rarely found inside the fortitude of an adult. 
2. I am going to find some extra time to make sure his eyes see more of me today.
The first lesson is one that all of us older, wiser, more seasoned life professionals could use immediately.  Sometimes we need to be more persistent that “it” isn’t over. We need to pursue it with more passion and persistence so that fortitude has real meaning in our lives again.
The second lesson is simple. Yes, a 4 year old will throw anything he can out there to avoid bedtime (Interesting that us “older types” would beg to go to bed earlier.  Funny how that works, haha!)…
…but as a dad I am going to be more intentional about fulfilling one of those wishes he had.
His eyes will have somebody looking at them more today.
His eyes will be able to look at me more today.
And…maybe we’ll even let our eyes see some Toy Story along the way.
Life is short gentlemen.
Sportscenter can wait.
None of those anchors has ever personally asked to see more of our eyes.
Our kids?
That’s another story.
When we lock eyes with who matters most, we’ve identified what matters most.
That’s the eyeball test.
Let’s pass it with flying colors today.
Until next time.

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