Day 9…

CBB Daniel Fast Day 9

It’s Day 9.

At this point back in 2012 I was excited. Partly because the fast was almost over. That’s just being real. I am craving pizza right now more than you know on this fast. Back then it was donuts. I wanted to plow through a box of them like my jeep does to the snow in a WNY winter.

As the fast was near it’s end, I learned something on April 27, 2012 that I want to share with you tonight. This is what is written in my journal from that day…

“Only God takes what holds you down and uses the same thing to launch you forward.”

For me, it was a 5.5 hour conversation with someone about my career that day. I was beginning to sense it was time to move on from where I was. I didn’t know at this point that in less than a month I would resign from my full time job working for someone else. I had no clue that I would be starting a business of my own.

So when you feel like your circumstances will never change, know this…it’s not about the circumstances. It feels like the point is that something is “holding you down”. Or look at it this way, “holding you back.”

Have you ever felt that way? Are you there now?

When you feel stuck, it’s not about where you are.

In both cases it’s about WHO you are, WHO you are becoming and WHO will get you through where you are to where He is calling you.


Sometimes our biggest frustrations are because we see what’s happening around us as a limitation.

That is a static outlook.

When we can see our frustrations as fuel to honor our God, they become the preparation for our future. We get out of our own way, and truly…for the first time…let God lead.

Can I level with you?

We are going to have to be willing to be some places, doing some stuff, and maybe even for a long time…that isn’t our first choice…so that we are ready for the responsibility given to us when we arrive at the destination we’ve always wanted to be at & known we were called to.

Today…Day 9…is about celebrating forward movement. For me, it’s about honoring God for allowing me to begin to step out of a tough situation and into the first steps that would release me forward in my calling.

Where are you at today?

Are you placing more importance on complaining about your current circumstances or celebrating them as the preparation for your future? Are you convinced where you are is where you will always be…so you refuse to learn what you can, where you are?

I want to encourage you…after having been there myself before…to resist the urge to complain and wish away the hard moments. Those are the ones, if you allow them to, that will teach you more about who you are and are becoming than any day walking on easy-street ever will.

Notice one very important distinction. I said hard.  I didn’t say unhealthy, or unsafe. If where you are isn’t healthy or safe you need to get to the place where you are. Now. If you need help, seek it out. Don’t delay.

Hard? That isn’t an excuse. It’s an opportunity.

It was hard for me to do what I did on April 27, 2012.  I walked into my bosses office, and began to present them a plan of life without me there. I began to tell them that I believed it was time for me to move on. To share that even though I didn’t have all the answers up front, that God was asking me to simply obey and move forward anyway.  5.5 hours later there seemed to be more questions than answers. And that was ok. Because for the first time in my life I was being obedient to what God was asking me to do…knowing that if he called me to it, He would bring me through it.

What are you craving today?

Is it calm and a sense of peace in the midst of uncertainty?

Or is it more of the same…staying where you are…knowing it’s always going to be just what it is?

I’d recommend the first.

And if you are up for it, that’s where the Holy Spirit shows up in it.

I knew God was with me in that conversation.

And a month later I knew He’d be faithful to provide for us when it was time to move forward.

And today…almost 2 years later…I can tell you He has.

And today…right where you are at…He wants to and will do the same for you.


Your biggest frustrations aren’t limitations…they are preparation…for your FUTURE.

Thanks for being here tonight.

Hope to see you back here for Day 10.

Until Then,






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