Day 8…

CBB Daniel Fast Day 8


You’ll notice the poster has a sense of simplicity tonight.


The reason?

On April 26, 2012 my journal was blank.

When it came time to prepare for writing the book, I noticed this for the first time. In the excitement of what had occurred on day 7…I think I was emotionally exhaling for the first time in a long time. Due to that, I never made my way back to my journal that day.

So on day 8 as I realize that while I may tell you that it was a happy moment in my comeback story…something is on my heart tonight that is more important to me today…it’s that you may be on a very different day in your comeback story right now.

If today isn’t about being on cloud nine for you, be encouraged where you are.

It may not be a place you want to be.

And as you’ve read over the past several days I’ve had those moments myself.

Although our stories may be different, that feeling…that sense of “when is this going to end?”

We share that.

So tonight know this.

I continue to pray for you, with you & promise that God’s hand is still very much on you…& always will be.

Keep at it.

Just because you can’t see through the fog of your current circumstances and surroundings doesn’t mean the journey is a wasted trip and the destination isn’t really there.

It’s as real as it has ever been, and God will walk with you the entire way.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a promise that will keep you moving forward with purpose…

Like the poster I shared with you tonight…it’s powerful in it’s simplicity…and equally as powerful in it’s ability to keep us all on track.

Oh, and one more thing.  Why is the poster red tonight? Well, it’s Valentine’s Day. I thought it was only fitting that the color we associate with love…with a heart…was used to express the thoughts that went with my encouragement to you that you are loved but the God of the universe very…very much.

Until tomorrow,




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