Day 6…

CBB Daniel Fast Day 6

A moment that created more than just movement…how it was paving the beginning of…

A movement.

That is what I experienced on Day 6.

From my journal that day…

“Into Day 6 of my Daniel Fast…4/24/12. As I read Haggai again this morning…realizing I have been typing Haggai 2:4 each time I check my email (it was my password at the time) not knowing He (the Lord) had, last night, already ordered it as a step in my life. ‘But now BE STRONG…AND WORK, for I am with you declares the Lord Almighty”

That part kind of blew my mind. The fact that for months prior to ever starting this fast, I had been typing a scripture passage that would be part of the foundation of this movement God was laying on my heart. Some might say it was coincidence. Nope. 6 days into a fast and I have seen multiple connections to one distinct message.

Day 1…Psalm 127 : “If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks.”

Day 4…Haggai 1:9 : “You expected much, but see it turned out to be little…what you brought home I blew away. Because each of you was busy with his own house while mine remained a ruin.”

Day 6…Haggai 2:4 : “But now be strong…and work…for I am with you!”

Look at that.

You’ll have to read Haggai for full context (you can handle it…haha…it’s only 2 chapters long)…but let me share with you a very personal look at what I learned on Day 6. It was a shift in focus. Building wasn’t the problem. What I was building was.

“Haggai 1:2 shows me where my frustration and stagnancy was in my heart. vv.3-6 tells me why things were they way they were in my life up to this point. vv. 9-11 reminds me that my plans didn’t prosper bc they were choked off from the purposes of God in my life.

I looked at “entering ministry” as a vocational statement…I see it tells me now it was a heart condition for me. 

I have BATTLED at times during this fast. Not knowing why so much anger was so close at hand. Last night peeled back a layer of my life I hadn’t really dealt with. To be able to truly “Let it Go”. I thought I had done that…but clearly not.

And sometimes…IT WILL HAVE TO BE A PURPOSED DECISION TO LET GOD CONTINUE TO HAVE MY FEELINGS of hurt, frustration and feeling like I was treated badly, knowing it was unfair/unjust. Today is a NEW DAY.

CREATIVITY will flow. GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. Just as Zerrubbabel, Joshua and the remnant of the people (In Haggai) obeyed and feared the Lord, I will. Just as God STIRRED UP THEIR SPIRIT, I believe God will unleash that within me today! AMEN& AMEN! And just as they came and began to work on house of the Lord, Almighty their God..I will work on HIS HOUSE. 

Whatever He lays before me I WILL GET TO WORK ON! This is such a freeing feeling.”

And on Day 7 God laid something before me to do just that.


Today helped me see the connection in days 1, 4 and 6 as the beginning of more than just interesting moments I was having during a fast…

they were paving the way for a movement.

Haggai 2:4 : “But now be strong…and work…for I am with you!”

Today I shared WHAT God did.  Tomorrow I will share with you HOW it would happen.

Until Then,



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