Day 5…

CBB Daniel Fast Day 5


Of control.

I had to let go of my struggle for control.

My journal from that day…(Bolded and Italics. The rest are my thoughts now to help connect it for you)

“4/23/12. Day 5 of Daniel Fast.  Today is a hard day. Period. One of the hardest in a long time. I’m angry today.  Tired.  Spent.  Mentally stuck.  I’m fighting right now to move past it…”

(I didn’t even realize what I needed to move past at that point)

“…So I’m previewing next week’s message from Bishop T.D. Jakes. “LET IT GO”.”

(I took some notes from that sermon that I will share here for context, and would encourage you to watch the full sermon in the link below). (CLICK ON Part 2, “Let It Go”)

Thoughts from Bishop Jakes that I wrote in my journal that day…

“As fast as they offend you, let it go.”

“You can be angry, you just can’t stay angry.”

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”

And once I realized I needed to let go and forgive…I wrote something in my journal that day…and before I share it, I want you to know that the reason I am sharing this is in hopes it will help you do the very same thing it did for me. Heal. Forgive. Start the process of moving on without baggage…emotional baggage that I didn’t need to carry. And you don’t have to carry yours anymore either.

You can let it go.

“Tonight…I forgave those who hurt me. And asked God to forgive me of my pride…the arrogance to harbor ill feelings towards others, to forgive me from my decisions over the past few years where I put my ways and approach to life, success, purpose ahead of God’s.”

If forgiveness has been a struggle for you…

This sermon will take an hour of your life, and give you your life back.

That is literally how big of an impact it made on mine.

Tomorrow I will share from my journal how the breakthrough I experienced on April 23, 2012 allowed me to move forward. And how that moment created more than just movement…

How it was paving the beginning of…

A movement.

Until tomorrow,





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