Day 2…

CBB Daniel Fast Day 2


Tonight I am going to start off by sharing what I wrote in my journal on April 20, 2012, which was day 2 of my original fast. And I am going to record it as is. Horrible punctuation, run-on sentences and everything. When I write in my journal it’s often like that. Raw thoughts. Incomplete sentences. I simply write down what is coming to me at the time. Here it is:

“4/20/12…Day 2 of Daniel Fast.  The realization that to continually get all of God in our lives, we first have to make the CONSCIOUS, DAILY DECISION to give Him all of us. By doing so, He gives us ourselves back through each moment of our lives to be able to experience life who we are in Him and able to accomplish things that were not possible any other way but through our bended knee and SURRENDER and his open hands of power on us, in us and through us.

Psalm 132:11-12. Especially verse 12. A REMINDER IT’S GENERATIONAL. To pour into my children so that they may one day know how to pour into their children to live for the Lord. May everything I think, say and do glorify the Lord who has entrusted me with the instruction and upbringing of my children to have them know and serve the Lord, and equip them to do the same for their children. NO MATTER HOW HARD TODAY MAY BE…IT’S NOT ABOUT JUST TODAY.


To God be the glory forever and ever… AMEN.  SO BE IT!”

This entry reminded me, and I scratched it across the top of one of the pages of my journal, of the the song…”White Flag”. Here is a link to one version so that you can hear it and see the lyrics:

Laying everything down isn’t easy. During the fast in 2012 on day 2, I had no idea what was coming in the days ahead. What I knew at that point was that it was clear something was. The start was making it clear that in order to receive the next thing, I had to empty my hands of everything else I was carrying. I had to surrender it. It was the only way I could move forward.

The next day the Lord would challenge me to do something. I will share that tomorrow. I will tell you now, it wasn’t some gigantic thing. In fact, it was so small that I nearly didn’t do it. Yes…you heard that correctly. I knew I had to surrender my desires, my pride and my preferences so that my children and my children’s children would know Jesus…and I almost missed it.

Wait until you see what it is.

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear about it.

You won’t want to miss it.

Until then, I’d challenge you to spend some time re-reading the Psalms from yesterday’s blog post and the 2 verses from today’s. In addition to sharing with you what God challenged me to do I am going to break down Psalms 127 and 127 tomorrow and show you what I know about them today.

Look at it this way.  I am going to share with you in a matter of minutes what took me 2 years to realize.

That right there should get you excited to meet me back here tomorrow.

Great seeing you tonight!

Until tomorrow…




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