Be You.

Fitting in.

A place in life we’ve strived for many times without giving much thought as to the long term ramifications of doing so.

We adore the attention of and comfort in “that group of people”.  We shift our priorities to make sure theirs come before our own.  It’s a dangerous sense of false security.  On one hand we know we are becoming  someone we are not.  But on the other hand we rationalize it away by internally applauding our “selfless” actions.

I mean…

we are, after all, putting someone else’s needs before our own…right?

Yes.  But for all the wrong reasons.

If by putting the needs of someone else first you have to walk away from who you are at the core of your being you need to walk away.  On the other hand…if you can serve someone, pour into them and build them up by being an outward expression of the inward vision of who you are then you need to go for it!

When you move towards someone’s need be sure you are doing so through the strength of who you are so that the need can be met.

If you are moving towards them simply to get them to notice you, then pause…slowly turn around…and remember who you are.  Because once you do, you will know what to do.

Becoming someone you aren’t usually doesn’t look that obvious to you, because you are convinced you look like the real deal.  Just like this picture of my almost 4 year old in Old Navy.  He thought he was pretty slick.  But I promise you…there wasn’t a person in that store that thought he was an actual mannequin.

He was trying to be someone, or rather something, he was not.

When you and I do that in our lives, it looks just like this picture to everyone else.

Just like Sawyer was out of place, amidst the mannequins, so do we when we leave who we are to do something…trying to be someone else.

Be who you were created and called to be.

The world doesn’t need more mannequins,

it needs you and everything you bring to the table.

Be You!


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