Who Did What?

Who Did What?

It breaks my heart to see people lining up on two sides of an issue, and two sides of an aisle.

Does that mean that we are supposed to agree on everything?  No.

Does that mean that we walk across the aisle and pretend it isn’t there?  No.

What does it mean then?

That issues and aisles are man made barriers.

It means the answer to our problems doesn’t lie in the best argument made, or most convincing stance taken. Because at the end of the day that is interpretive at best, and opportunistic at worst. It means that we put our arms around someone who thinks differently than we do before a word is ever spoken.  It means that maybe, just maybe…for a moment…no words need to be spoken.  It means that if indeed we couldn’t speak another word, our actions would tell a story of life, love and hope.  Not issues and aisles.

If we want our words to be heard eventually, that will come after our acts of authenticity are seen consistently.

It means the love engulfed in redemption and restoration has more to do with who did what, than who thinks what.  And at the end of the day, it means we are called to live out the heart behind the most beautiful story of “who did what” the world has ever known.

Jesus died on a cross for us.

Who did what?

He did that.

He isn’t a religion, an issue or an aisle.

He is a person that did something no one else could or would.

He died the most grueling, painful, gruesome death possible so that we might walk through the most amazing life, wrapped in the most incredible love, and bring the most needed hope to a lost, broken world.

He did that, so that we could do this.

It’s really that simple.

So the next time we need to “set someone straight” on the “real issue”, we need to remember who we are and what we are here to do.

People don’t need our judgement and condemnation.

No one cares what side of a political aisle we stand on because the inference that we are standing means we are missing the opportunity to be moving.  Moving forward to share life, love and hope and the most freaking amazing story of redemptive love and restoration the world has ever known.

And yes, I said freaking.  And some of you gasped.  (See: the aforementioned comment on judgement and condemnation).

I’m passionate about sharing the hope that has held me up when I couldn’t imagine even getting up.

Issues are hot buttons and aisles are dividers.

So let’s try not to create them.  Better yet, let’s replace them.

With stories of life, love and hope…found through the redemption and restoration of who did what for us.

One last thought…

I’m pretty sure at the end of the day no one will stand around at my funeral discussing my political opinions.

My hope is someone shares a story…about a time when Brett…and then he…

And someone walks into the conversation and asks…

Who did what?


He did that.

And I hope it looked, sounded and felt like something Jesus would have done.


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