Obedience…To The Voice.


You are holding a small seed in your hand.

Now imagine the fully grown object it could be.

Close your hand and squeeze as hard as you can.

Open your hand and look again.

Did it grow yet?

(insert various crazy phrases telling me now nuts I am and how obviously that won’t happen).

So why ask the question?

To prove my point.

That you can’t expect a harvest if you don’t get the seed in the ground.

And you can’t get the seed in the ground unless you turn over the soil that is there.

Literally…turn it over, upset it’s composition, move it around and put something new in it.

And you can’t stop there.

Now you have to take care of it.

Water it. Protect it. Nurture it. Remove the weeds from around it so it can flourish and grow.


I have an opportunity for someone.

Who?  I am not entirely sure.  But it may be you or someone you know VERY well.

I have a school district (maybe even more than one…very likely more than one…)

who wants to bring an earthshaking, game changing opportunity to their school.


You may be able to imagine the anticipated dilemma.


That is where you come in.

We are looking to pair an organization that wants to turn some dirt over (leave a legacy of impact)

with a school who wants to do the same.

Those who would rather squeeze seeds and click their heels wishing change would happen magically need not respond.


Do you know someone like this?

Someone who wants to invest in the next generation instead of complain about them?

A team of people willing to do whatever it takes to raise up leaders?


The whole story?  We’d love to tell it to the right partner…or partners.

Email me if you or someone you know are interested in learning more.


Let’s hope we are talking soon…

The school is literally waiting on the edge of their seat

to see who cares with their feet and finances as much as their words.

Us too.

This WILL be #EPIC, #GAMECHANGING, #insertlotsoftwittertagesthatmeanHUGEhere


So about that voice that is prompting you to do something about this…

Share it with someone…

Act on it yourself…

It’s one way or the other.

Act and have a hand in changing the world as you know it…

or delete and settle in to keep experiencing the world as it is.

Obedience to act isn’t always easy…

but it is the only way change is born.


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