The D.I.R.T.I. Truth.

Don't be a seed chucker...

Don’t be a seed chucker…

I admit I have a slight obsession with analogies.  Maybe it’s the “teach me like a 4 year old cause I want to be sure to understand it” part of me that makes me who I am.  And acronyms are a close second.

Analogies teach me, and acronyms help me remember the teaching long after I have heard it.

How bout’ an example?

Sure thing.  Here’s one…

“Unplowed Ground”.

I have the honor of working with some really great people at WHOBIX.  And I think the number one reason I love working with them is they have such a phenomenal understanding that real progress requires REALLY hard work.

I speak with many more people on a daily basis that think life is like the picture you see here.

Chuck some seed on the dirt, add a little water…and voila!… instant growth.

Sorry…but it doesn’t work that way.

You may get an occasional sprout, but you won’t realize the crop you hoped for.

The painstaking work of turning over the ground is a non-negotiable part of the process.

It’s also the reason why most people don’t end up getting where they want to go in life.

They are seed-chuckers.

They waste seed (opportunity) thinking growth will come without the work.

If that is your approach to fixing what’s broken in your life, your organization or your family…it’s not a matter of if, but when you are going to be really disappointed.

When the “wind, birds, and rain” comes in your life…

they will “blow away, eat and wash out” any chance you have of seeing a crop grow.

It’s the same thing with what you are dealing with.

Listen…I get it.  It hurts to dig deep.

It’s heavy lifting, sweat inducing work to prepare the ground to receive the seed.


The people that get that, get healthy growth.

The people that act on that, experience healthy change over time.

The rest of the people blame the conditions when the real problem is the approach.

So where do you start?

Let’s try an acronym.


Decisions. Intentionality. Relationships. Team. Influence.

You can click on the acronym above for the full explanation (and learn what NOT to do).

Let’s leave it at this…

If your ground remains unplowed, the seed isn’t the issue. (See: Analogy)

If you aren’t willing to hear and act on “The D.I.R.T.I. Truth”, the crop isn’t coming. (See: Acronym)

I love what I do everyday.

Helping people turn analogies and acronyms into structure and opportunity.

Former helps people create the latter.

And the latter?

It produces a crop every time.

And that, my friends, is…

The D.I.R.T.I. Truth.


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