Invest your______ in your _________.


It’s broken.  You know it.  The people on your team know it.

If we stepped back from it, it’s a perspective we hadn’t seen that is the answer.

You need gas in the car to get you where you are going.

No one is arguing that.  It’s a constant.


If you have a car that hasn’t been taken care of, all the gas in the world isn’t going to make it move.

The same thing happens on our teams.

You can tell your people how “lucky” they are to have a job in this economy.  But if you honestly think that is going to inspire them to give everything they have to you, your team and your organization…it’s a misguided notion at best.

Paychecks are gas.  They pay bills.  They maintain.  They help you survive.

But they never reach your heart.  They were never designed to.

The work you do and the reason why will.

Some questions to ponder, absorb and then begin to act on…

1.  What am I doing to pour into my people beyond cutting their paychecks?

2.  Am I asking them to do a job or casting the vision to why we have the opportunity to change the world the way we do?

3.  Do I value spreadsheets, P&L’s, policies and procedures more than conversations with my people?

We’ll leave it here today…

The next time you catch yourself saying…”We don’t have the time”…I want to challenge you to think about it this way…

Time is all you have.  And you never know how much of it is left.

The two greatest assets in your organization are time and people.

If you don’t take care to invest the first into the second,

you won’t have to worry about either.

Your team won’t exist.

They will either leave on their own…or you all will…when the doors are shut for good.

The good news?

You can start right now, and it’s as simple as a conversation.

Don’t pass them in the hall and nod and smile.  Say hello and ask them how you can help them today.  Know one more thing about them today than you did yesterday.  It takes 30 seconds to learn it, and builds relational equity worth much, much more over time.

Stop rationalizing staying in your office to prepare for the next meeting…and actually go talk with people.

Listen to them.  Resist the urge to immediately explain, fix or tell someone why “it is the way it is”.

Take the conversation in.  Thank them for sharing.  Let it marinate.

Paychecks gas up the car.

Paychecks are a transaction.

Time invested into people is the answer you are looking for.


Stop looking for more time and better people, and invest what you have into who you have with you.

Build relationships, and the ROI that matters will show up early…stay late…and run through brick walls for and with you for your cause.

All we have is time.

Invest it well today and it will return ten-fold when you least expect it.

Invest your time in your people.

You will never regret serving others with the best you have to offer.





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