For dis food…

Clutching the very thing that will teach him more than I ever could on my own...

Clutching the very thing that will teach him more than I ever could on my own…

It’s become one of my favorite prayers.

“Dear Jesus, thank you for this food.  Amen”.

I know it isn’t the “deepest”.

But it is…deep.

When our 3 year old speaks that prayer…there is so much more to it.  Especially since it isn’t when we are eating.

He will pray it as we sit on the couch, the edge of a bed or in the jeep.  Anytime on any day.

I shared on facebook a while back that my first instinct was to correct him.  Like I said, we weren’t even about to eat.

But then I caught myself.  Actually, God smacked me in my heart.

Who was I to think his prayer needed to be corrected.  What he prayed was from his heart, specific and with great purpose.

And then it hit me…

“Give us this day our daily bread”.

Matthew 6:11

My son was asking God to take care of us.  Today.

Perspective I needed.

And that is why I now ask Sawyer, quite often, to pray for our family.

Because secretly…deep down…I want to hear his little voice simply say.

“Dewah Jezuz, tank you for dis food. Amen”.

Say that out loud the way I spelled it.  It will come pretty close to the blessing I hear through him as he prays over our family.

We complicate so much in this life.

The simple words of an innocent child teach us otherwise.

Slow down and seek Jesus through intentionally simple conversation, action and obedience.

Yesterday it was our 7 year old.

Today our 3 year old.


I’m sure I will have something to share with you about our 10 year old.

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