Pull. Leave. Follow.

If we will leave what we think is the answer, we will experience a calling He knows is the answer.

If we will leave what we think is the answer, we walk into a calling He knows is the answer.

The change, results and forward motion we are looking for in our lives is absolutely available to ALL of us.

Let me share a story with you that will give us some perspective on how that can actually happen.

It’s wrapped up in 3 words.  These 3 words will change everything for us.  If we act on all three, that this.

Pull.  Leave.  Follow.

One of my favorite stories from the Bible is found in Luke 5, starting in verse 1.  It’s a normal, no big deal kind of day.  Jesus was hanging out on the shoreline of Lake Gennesaret talking to the people there.  But it was getting a little crowded.  So he commandeered a boat that happened to be right near him.  He got into it, created a little space from shore, and proceeded to keep right on talking with the people.

The boat he grabbed was from some VERY tired fisherman.  They had been out ALL night and had nothing to show for their efforts.  But even though they were likely frustrated, they were doing one thing well that caught Jesus’ attention.  They were still scrubbing their nets from their night out on the water.

Even though the last time was a flop, they were honoring what they had been given by preparing for the next trip out.

That’s not easy to do!  Have you ever been there?  After just facing complete failure, jumping right in to get ready to do it again?

When Jesus was done teaching he tells the guys whose boat he grabbed to do something that makes absolutely NO sense.

“Push out into deep water and let your nets out for a catch”.

It’s the wrong time of day, the fish weren’t biting the last trip out, and they were exhausted from being up all night.

And it’s the response of these men that changes the destiny and direction of their lives.

Simon says “Master, we’ve been fishing hard all night and haven’t caught even a minnow.  BUT IF YOU SAY SO, I’ll let out the nets”.

And as soon as they obeyed, they were overwhelmed with what only Jesus could make happen.  The boats couldn’t hardly hold the catch that came as a result of being willing to go where most wouldn’t go, and do what most wouldn’t do.

They risked complete embarrassment  and a shot to their pride, and were rewarded with way more than fish.

They received their life’s calling by their obedient response to what made no earthly sense at the time.

Moments later they finish pulling their tremendous catch of fish to shore.  They needed the help of another boat and more friends just to get it in before their boats sank.  And once they got there they fell to their knees in absolute awe of what Jesus had just done on their behalf.

And it’s the very next moment, with the three words we started with, that changed everything.

After Jesus re-assures them that there is nothing to fear from this incredible experience they had just been through, He proceeds to tell them “If you thought this was cool, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Come with me and I’ll do much more than this!”

Then they did what most of us, if we are being honest, would struggle to do.

We have over-analytical minds that need every answer up front.  As a result it paralyzes us from making the only move that actually makes sense.

The fisherman pulled their boats onto the beach, left them (Wealthy nets full of a wealthy catch and all) and followed Jesus.

No clue where they were headed, and a very obvious decision to leave money on the table to do it.

The change, results and forward motion we are looking for in our lives is absolutely available to ALL of us.

But it’s the pulling in of our desires, leaving the results we can see right now (and thought we wanted) and following a relationship with Jesus that promises us so much more (even though we really have no idea what lies ahead) that will bring us right into the middle of our calling in life.

We think the point is nets full of fish. 

Jesus knows it is merely a classroom teaching technique to show us a larger vision.

The answer we want is in the details.  Being frustrated at coming up empty, but still scrubbing our nets to go out again.  Jesus will see our dedication and bring us out of our lack.  But first we have to be willing to be sleep deprived, have a knuckle busting work ethic, and an obedient heart to do it all again until He moves on our behalf.

I realize this post is a little longer than normal.

But someone reading this has been waiting a lot longer than they wanted to for Jesus to move on their behalf.  You need to know that He will not leave you behind.  Your day to “push out into the deep water” is today.  And every day after that.  Go where most won’t go, do what most won’t do and you too will experience Jesus in a way most never will.

Most want to stay on shore and be filled with “more”.

That’s not how it works.

More is for those willing to follow, when staying put would seem to make more sense.

And just when you think you know why, be willing to walk away from what seems like the miracle into a calling that has exponentially more to offer even if you can’t see everything up front.

If they saw the overwhelming catch of fish as the end moment, it would have been easy to think the whole thing was about them.

Accepting the call to be “fishers of men” shifts the result to something much greater.

Other people, their brokenness and the heart of Jesus to have you journey with Him to reach them.

Now that’s a life worth way more than a boat full of fish.

It’s a life worth pulling our expectations on shore, leaving them there and following Him into a life that is way more exciting!

If we will pull, leave and follow…

We can live the life we’ve been called to.

And God’s vision for our life is always better than our version of it.

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