It’s a Change of WHO…

The change of WHAT comes, when we realize it's about the WHO.

The change of WHAT comes, when we realize it’s about the WHO.





I hear a lot of people talking about change.  They want to see it.  They actually get excited when they talk about what it would look like.

But then something happens…

The energy in their voice begins to trail off as doubt sets in.

Here is the reality:  Unless you are willing to have tired feet, sore backs, dirty hands and exhausted minds, change won’t happen.

Sacrifice is the fuel that gets you to the destination of change.  Time, energy, and especially the one thing no one wants to talk about…


And I’m not talking about “donating money”.  I’m talking about a mindset shift.

When you choose to allocate your money to support your vision it must be done differently.

In order to be able to commit to the change in the long run, you’ve got to commit to this change right now.

Giving is WHO you are, not something you do.

When we get that truth buried deep on the inside of our hearts, lives will change.

Ours, and most especially those that God has placed in our lives to care for, rescue, and introduce to God’s love.

This is not a “charitable giving/write-off at year-end” thing…

It’s a change of WHO we are not just WHAT we do.

The organization is a vessel.  But until we all realize this mindset shift…

We are only writing off one thing…

The greatest opportunity for change our generation has ever seen.

All of us individually, working to eradicate atrocities collaboratively.

That only comes from doing one thing.

Matthew 20:28

“just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

And when we understand that, not only will we understand what our money was meant for…

We won’t try to rationalize what it was never meant for.

Serving IS giving.  Giving is who and how we are called to be living.

I’ve heard it said before, and I love it…

“Show me your calendar and your bank account, and I will show you what you care about”.

Change is not only possible, it’s 100% Biblical.

So you can go ahead and “pray about” whether you should serve, give and live this way.

Or, you can save yourself the time, and re-read Matthew 20:28.

The answer was given before we ever bowed our head to pray.

I’m writing this for me, for you, and anyone else that really believes in the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

THIS…is the change we’ve all talked about.

Now…will it be the change we all choose to walk out?



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