Vision Baking 101…

If this is all you are bringing to the table, people won't be there long.  Sprinkles look nice, but don't offer substance.  Cake is the foundation.  Sugar and lots of other ingredient are what make it come to life.

Sprinkles may look nice, but they don’t offer substance. Cake is the foundation. Sugar and lots of other ingredients are what make it come to life.

It’s like this…

There is a difference between sprinkles and sugar.  Sure, sprinkles are made up of sugar.  And there is a time and place for them.  But sprinkles are only on top, where all the outward attention is.  They are there to look nice after all the hard work is done.  The sugar that matters is an ingredient whipped around in a bowl, poured out into a pan, put under intense heat and not seen.  The inward focus.

Without sugar, you don’t have a cake.  Without the cake, no need for sprinkles.

If you are trying to build a vision you want to last, you don’t just need “sprinkles”.

You need people who are willing to be whipped tired, pour out every resource they have (time, talent, energy, finances), work under extreme pressure to bring your vision to pass…and do all of this without needing credit, attention or ego stroking.

There is a reason your celebrations of milestones are accompanied by people asking for a cake and not just a cup of sprinkles.

If you are struggling to build your vision, take a look at your people.

Do you have all the ingredients you need?

Or do you just have a bunch of people offering to be your “sprinkles” later when it’s “convenient”?



The irony of this picture?

It looks like it’s about sprinkles.

But without a lot of other ingredients, this picture never happens.

It’s not DIY.

It’s DIT.


So look at who you are surrounding yourself with.  Who are you letting have your time, attention and ear?

Make a list.

Write out all the “sprinkles” on one side, and the “key ingredients” on the other.

Now you know who to pour into, what to pour into them, and what you can trust from them.

Have fun baking your vision…errr…I mean, cake.

But some of you are still all like, “Brett, what about decorating the cake?”

I never said don’t decorate it, I just told you what you needed to do first, so you’d actually have a cake to decorate.

Sprinkles aren’t bad.  But it’s important to know when to focus on them.

Ecclesiastes 3:1  “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”

Yes, even sprinkles.

If you will prioritize the ingredients, you can have your cake and eat your sprinkles too.


As you bake your vision keep this one thing in mind…

You have to focus on the sugar baked into it before you ever think about the sugar on top of it.

That’s some sweet advice!

(Sorry…it was just begging to be said)

Have you ever heard anyone, after taking a bit of cake, say “Man…these sprinkles taste great!”?

Me either.

Get your priorities in order.  Put your effort where the taste is.

I had a friend once tell me…

“Brett, they may come for the pretty, but they’ll stay for the substance”.

That’s blue ribbon, 1st place, advice right there.

And that is “Vision Baking 101”.






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