Come Back Bringing!

What is you doing with your area of "holy discontent"?

What are you doing with your area of “holy discontent”?

I couldn’t sleep tonight.  I felt prompted to pick up a book I’ve been carrying with me for a while and re-read a particular page.  Page 83 to be exact.  I didn’t go to it because there was something I remembered that it said and wanted to read it again.  I went there because I just felt led to.

The book is “Holy Discontent” by Bill Hybels.

When I got to page 83, my eyes immediately went to two areas I had previously underlined.

“I was ready to hit something I was so aggravated.”  And “…you absolutely cannot back down from pursuing your area of holy discontent just because the risk meter registers high.”  THEN…I read some more on page 82 that I had also previously underlined, “I’ll do it for no other reason than to alleviate this mounting rage I’m feeling!  The only way I know how to get rid of it is to settle on a vision that speaks to it somehow, and what God does with it from there is his business.”

And then I jumped around, re-reading some of the surrounding areas of the pages before and after page 83.  I settled at the end of the section, on page 85, and this is what it said:

“When the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before…when the threat of failure looms like a caged animal waiting to pounce…when the skyrocketing risk level makes you want to lose your lunch…that is when it’s a gloves-off fight to the finish for the sake of your holy discontent, friends.  When you find it, you’ve got to feed it.  But it’s also true that when it gets risky, you simply must fight for it.”

And if that weren’t enough, when I was done with that and closed the book I saw my Bible sitting there. I felt lead to pick that up.  As soon as I did what popped into my head was almost immediate.
“Read John 14….John 14:1”.  And just like before, I had no clue what that said, so I had to look it up to find out.

Here is what it said:  “Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God, trust also in me”.  (Jesus speaking)

I read the next few verses that followed.  I knew in that moment what I had to do.  Here are vv. 2-4…

“In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I am going there to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.  You know the way to the place where I am going.”


Pieces of the puzzle in my life are connecting to the point of seeing the picture I have been longing to see come together.  I know what I have to do.  No worries…you will hear about it soon enough.  But tonight, as I write this more as a “here is what my head is spinning with/behind the scenes/diary style post“…I hope you will realize that you too have been called to something, by God, that is very specific and very much for you and God to do together. NOW.

I trust that the words I shared above have rattled your cage enough to respond.

There are people depending on your obedience.

Don’t let them down.

This world may tell us that life is about ourselves.  But, that is a lie.

It’s like John 14: 4 says….”You know the way to the place where I am going“.

And it’s not about just us living in a way that we will get there.

It’s about living out verse 3:  “…come back and take you to be with me…”

We are to live like Jesus.

We are to Come Back Bringing.

to Him.




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