Is It Time?

Every step in the direction you are headed...are you certain it's in the direction of your calling?

Every step in the direction you are headed…are you certain it’s in the direction of your calling?

You’ll do it later.  You have a lot on your plate right now.  You want to do it.  You just haven’t been able to find the time to do it.  Or is it you haven’t MADE the time to do it?  It’s one or the other.  The first is an excuse.  The second is a decision.

It’s either going to be about what you want or what you need.  Not both.  You may eventually find that what you need is what you want.  That would be great.  Starting out, you are going to have to make the decision to commit to what you need.  Daily.  With accountability.  You can’t do it alone.  That’s proven by the fact that you haven’t done it already.  If you had you wouldn’t be reading this.

Let me take some pressure off.  You and I aren’t wired to do this alone anyway.

Think about it.  You have worked hard.  Poured yourselves into your work.  Yet…things seem to always come up short.  Maybe your sales goals haven’t been met.  Maybe they have, but your people don’t get along.  You lose key leaders to other organizations.  You have to lay people off because you can’t afford to keep them.

Wherever you are at, it’s not accidental.  It’s intentional.  You lack because of where you are starting from.  Whatever you have invested in hasn’t returned with what you wanted it to.  If you have turned a profit it hasn’t satisfied you.  Your glass is cracked.  It won’t hold water.  You’ve tried to cover every angle but one always seems to be exposed.  The profit you have brought in seems to go right back out into something else, unexpected.

It’s time for a gut check.  Better yet.  A heart check.  Reality check.  I don’t care what you call the check, but it’s long overdue that you had one.

If you want traction in your leadership and your people to follow, here it what it is going to take. 

Think long and hard about this.  You are going to have to go to places that no one else will.  It’s going to make you sweat.  If work is implied this is the equivalent of hard, grueling labor.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful views along the way, but it’s going to be an uphill climb.  Just when you think you have reached the peak…the summit of your journey, that’s when the real work starts.  You are going to have to put in time and energy to bring the value you need to build from for the end game you want to see.  Once you have value in your hands, you are going to have to literally carry even more on your shoulders to bring it back to a place where you can start to build from it.  Craft it.  Shape it.  Tailor it.   And once you have it built, cast vision from it to your people.  It’s one thing for you to build something that you want to own.  It’s an entirely different thing to build something, together, with the people you have around you.  You’ve trusted them to tell your story with you.  You are going to have to be willing to invest even more trust in them to help you build that story so that it can be told.

Once you get to the point where you have gone up in to the mountains, brought down the timber, and built the house…a very exciting thing starts to happen.

Results happen.

Joy and honor arrive.

Prior to embarking on this kind of experience you have expected much in what you are doing.  Yet, little has returned.  What you did bring in you watched blow away over time.  Sometimes drawn out, and other times…quickly.


Because your stance that what you wanted mattered more than what you needed.  Your opinion mattered more than the best way to approach your situation.  We’ve all been there.  Rationalization can be a crippling business partner.  It’s the counselor that will explain away why it’s ok to wait until later to do what should be done now…making seemingly unimportant things feel like legitimate emergencies to deal with.

Because of that, the market has been unkind to you.  Your people haven’t grown.  They are feeling stuck in a system that isn’t nurturing their growth.  Your organization is in the same situation trying to hold on, when it should have been positioned to grow deep roots that produced fruitful crops.  You are in a business drought, and your people are feeling it.  Not just from a dollars and cents standpoint…but an emotional and social place as well.

Your hands have labored.  Yet, no matter what the result…you know compared to where you should be, it’s been in vain.  Financially, emotionally, organizationally or any combination of them.

Want some good news?  You are one decision away and one posture away

from the change that will position you where you need to be.

Obedience to your creator.  And fear of the same.

Not because I say so, or any other person is saying so.  But because of the very relationship you hold at the center of who you are says so.

Obey because He has given you the direction to do so.  Fear (awe) in who He is.

He is with you.  He is for you.  He did, after all, create you.  He alone holds the power to stir something up on the inside of you that will cause you to be able to stay a course you couldn’t otherwise hope to navigate on your own.  You will be able to come and work on what He is calling you to do out of a place inside of yourself that you haven’t consistently committed to in the past.  That place is not anything you can build on your own.  It’s not fortitude.  It’s not effort.  In fact it’s the weakest place you own, on your own.  Your heart.  But when you come to the place of obedience to His, you can work.  You will dig in.  Your strength multiplies because it’s not coming from you anymore.  A strength that is perfect is made in the place of your weakness.  You need nothing more than to know that the grace that gave you this strength is sufficient for every single need you will ever have.

It’s countercultural to every business book you will ever read. 

Because it’s not about you.  It’s not about the billionaire that created a kingdom that you need to learn from.  It’s about the one who one who sacrificed everything so that you had the opportunity to be something.

The something you were called to be is about leaving a legacy.

So, do you want to do something about it?

Is it time?

I think it is.

My calling is to be a resource to get you to your calling.



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