Break The Jar…Use It All!

When you "Break The Jar", there isn't any going back.  That's a good thing...

When you “Break The Jar”, there isn’t any going back. That’s a good thing..

We are a world obsessed with recognition.  I suppose when you’ve worked really hard to accomplish something, the joy that comes from hearing applause on the other end isn’t inherently a bad thing.  But I would suggest to you that today is the perfect moment to point out that the greatest accomplishments of our history as a society don’t come at the hands of those seeking recognition.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lived his life with something much larger in his sights.  Justice.  Equality. A restoration to what God had always intended for our world.  That every person would be treated like the child of God they were, regardless of the color of their skin.

It is no great secret that the roots of Dr. King’s heart were from the Bible.  So it is to that source I am going this morning to remind myself and anyone else who wants to listen how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to accomplish so much in his tragically shortened life as a man.  As a child of God.

Mark 14:1-11 tells an amazing story.  Jesus was constantly getting ripped on for spending time with “the wrong people”.  On this day he was hanging out at a man’s house who had leprosy.  (Think AIDS today) A disease mis-understood and those battling it cast aside in social settings.  As Jesus reclined in the house a woman approached him.  She proceeded to take a jar of the most expensive perfume you could get your hands on…and she broke it.  She broke it for one purpose…to use it all.  How?  To pour it over the head of Jesus as a symbolic gesture of her love for him, to honor him.

This genuinely ticked off the “smart” people.  They called it a waste.

All they could see was how it could have gotten a certain amount of money on and been donated. (no doubt to have some fancy PR opportunities to say “hey look at all the good we are doing”!)  But I digress…

Jesus quiets the people and tells them that the woman has “…done a beautiful thing to me”.

The woman did what she could, with what she had, when she could.  Period.  She saw an opportunity to serve, to honor and put someone else in a place above herself.  And you will notice she didn’t pour out a little perfume and dab it on.

There is a difference between perfume pourers and jar busters.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a jar buster.  He poured his life out in service to others.

I guess for me, at the end of the day, it’s about one thing…

Am I going to live my life as someone who wants a photo-opp because I sold a little of my perfume and “gave it to the poor”?…

Or am I going to live life as a Jar Buster, pouring out everything I have into serving others?

I think what it amounts to is this…

If I am here to really serve others, like Martin Luther King Jr. and his heavenly father did…ALL IN…

There really isn’t a choice.

Break The Jar…Use It All!


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