A No Bird Brainer.

Sometimes, it's just a "No Bird Brainer".

Sometimes, it’s just a “No Bird Brainer”.

Have you ever seen a bird flying full tilt only to smack into a window or large, glass door?  What they saw as open air turned out to be the one thing they wouldn’t have expected.  But when you step back for a moment, you realize maybe the bird should have seen it coming.  Why?  Think about it.  That window or door was surrounded by some structure.  It was there, but it was surrounded by solid walls on all sides.  What the bird saw wasn’t open air, but what they figured was a tight space they could navigate with no problem.

That is exactly where we find ourselves sometimes.  We try to go full speed ahead into a tight space, and think we will be just fine.  And at the very moment we think we’ve made it…THUD! We lie there on our backs, almost unable to move…sometimes worse.  We wonder…”how could this ever happen to me?”

Project CP3 deals with this very issue.  We refer to it as the behavior barrier.  It’s invisible in many ways.  It isn’t until it’s too late many times that we feel it’s impact.  Project CP3 helps you to be able to identify those moments of impact long before you have felt them.

The difference between Project CP3 and most other “programs”?

Most leadership development material talks about the rewards that come from great choices and positive behavior.

The problem is they are all missing one key component, and Project CP3 has it.

Project CP3 exists to TEACH A LANGUAGE that builds a culture of winning.  In other words, Project CP3 teaches you a language that will actually get you there, and avoid the moments when open air is really a tight space with no access.

We build cultures of winning on the field, off the field and every area of life we live.

The tight spaces that look like open air aren’t going to go away anytime soon.

Knowing you can avoid them?

That makes enrolling in Project CP3 and CP3 University a no brainer.

The alternative?

Not having one left as you lay on your back, twitching, from the direct hit you just took flying smack into trouble.

Your choice.


Make the right one.  The no brainer.  Or…maybe, the no bird brainer.

Either way, I think you get the point.


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