Gumballs and the Tea Kettle.

When a vision collides with the frustration of bringing it to life.

When a vision collides with the frustration of bringing it to life.

When a conviction sears, you will stop at nothing to pursue the solution.

I’m looking for someone that I honestly don’t know how to find.  I’m not sure who it is.  I mean…I thought I did.  But there are times when you wonder if you are right.  I don’t necessarily mean an individual.  It could be a group of people.  An organization.  A business.  Maybe just a group of friends.  A church.  A university.  The list is as open and endless…

I’m looking for people who are fed up.  People who want more for the world around them than what they’ve seen and experienced so far.  People who believe that the systems around us that are broken and failing need someone with the courage to step up and do something about it.  Not to stop at bringing awareness, but pursuing tangible change and making it happen.

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Let me share a story with you that might help this journey make more sense…

“When one heard this…” Another man…”Was preparing…inviting…”.  He was excited.  When the preparations were made he couldn’t wait to see everyone come that had been invited.  But as fast as that excitement arrived it was taken out of him and replaced.  It must have shocked him.  The next emotion, I mean.  For someone to experience such happiness, joy and expectation at the great things coming from this “thing” they would experience together.  The fellowship.  The closeness.  The memories made together.  The tangible change thing…remember?

“But they all alike began to make excuses”.  How that must have hurt.  It did hurt.  They began to come back to him one after the other.  Excuse after excuse.  Each one acting as a body shot taken to the rib cage in a prize fight.  Each one taking more air out of him as he was seemingly now just trying to stand up, whereas moments before he was full of energy and excitement with some to spare.  When things…objects…new purchases and other relationships that served only the people making the excuses stood in the way of great potential.  Of potential unleashed within the power found in coming together.

There would be no coming together.  At least not with those he thought he had prepared for.  It would hurt, but he wouldn’t stop.  His hurt began to boil inside of him slowly, yet quickly at the same time.  Like a teapot on the stove, each moment he became hotter than the second before it.  He was quiet in this process, like the boil of the water in the kettle.  Then at an unannounced moment he erupted like the whistle and the steam from atop that kettle.  The kettle was yelling it’s arrival to more than someone within earshot of a conversation.  It’s announcement was something you could hear from a great distance.

So the invitations would now never be the same.  Never going back to any one of whom offered an excuse.  He went further.  The invitation farther.  To places he hadn’t gone before.  To places where he likely didn’t know anyone.  To places he would go out of a refusal to see the preparations he had made be wasted.  To those that had ears that would hear and feet that would journey to the table.

Yet even after all this had been done…

There was still room.  Empty seats.  Empty plates.  Waiting to be filled.

If before was a time to be stretched in his thinking, now would be a time to go right up to the edge.  He would come up to a cliff of uncertainty. The pebbles scuffed by the arrival of his footsteps would move in slow motion over the edge as he arrived in his urgency.  Stopping just in time to remain within the confines of safety, but his feet and heart extended as far as they could go to save the one that couldn’t save themselves. Someone that was contemplating that edge prior to his pursuit of them.

He would reach out and “make them come in…”  With great purpose and intentionality he would do all of this for one reason.

“So that my house would be full”.

Who’s house?

HIS house.

Not the house of the man preparing the banquet.  That would simply be the table for the physical feast.  The house spoken of here is for a feast that never ends.  A feast that fulfills more than the hunger pangs of “…the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame”.  This feast would reach the heart.

My journey to develop the concept of “Gumball Wall” is not complicated.  It’s developing the next generation locally to solve problems around the corner in their communities and around the globe.

It’s taking the problems everyone is complaining about and putting them in their proper perspective.

And it’s calling out to people who want to do something about it.

Not talk.  DO.

Gumball Wall exists to create a culture where…


So if you are interested in learning more, and it ends with you reading this post…I have some questions for you that I hope will stir you into action.  To contact me.  To get involved.  To ask questions.  To make sacrifices and take risks to bring real change.

Are you making a decision or an excuse?

Are you sacrificing to the movement or retreating to your comfort?

Is it about you and what you want or the masses and what they need?

Are you in fear of your lack or your God?

The former makes your knees shake, the latter makes them bend before the only one that can provide for your needs…and the needs of those around you waiting for you to respond to HIS call.

And it’s when we seek from our knees that we have the greatest perspective.

That those you think will rush to join you in the midst of the greatest opportunity to share the gospel…will make excuses instead.  They are too busy with their “field…oxen…marriage”.  Stuff, toys and comfortable relationships.

I am looking to find those that will make the decision to “Go out quickly…and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame” with me.  Find those that will “Go…and make them come in, so that my (HIS) house will be full”.

It’s going to be hard. It will require great sacrifice.  But when you get back from the “…streets, alleys of the town…” and “…out to the roads and country lanes…” you will see something you’ve never ever experienced in your life.

I’ll admit that I can get caught up in writing for the audience.  Trying to figure out how to say things, what to say…wondering who they are reaching, effecting, challenging, uplifting, encouraging.  But the more I write, the more I realize that isn’t my place.

Mine is to repeat what I know.  To share where I’ve been.  To look for the ones who will make the decision to join me on this journey.

Because honestly…

I don’t have time to double back to those making excuses.

I’m moving forward.

If you would like to know the heart behind this post, go read Luke 14-15-24.  The words in “quotes” above?  I think you’ll recognize them.

Thanks for the ear.

If you want to get involved in where I’m going?

Let’s talk.

Oh, I promised that link one more time to.

Here it is:


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