The “Giving Problem”.

Building walls is something we have all done in our life...but many times for the wrong reasons.  This wall is one you will want to be part of building.

Building walls is something we have all done in our life…but many times for the wrong reasons. This wall is one you will want to be part of building.

Happy New Year!  Most people are back in the “normal” routine today.  Chock full o’ resolutions.

Could I ask you something this morning?

How long will you keep that list of resolutions intact before you set it aside and slowly go back to your old habits?

Don’t get me wrong.  I know you want to do all of the things on your list.  It’s just if you are like me and most of the world…life takes over.  We get busy.  We start by leaving something off the list…then maybe another a few weeks later…and then another.  All of this until one day we look at ourselves in the mirror and see the same person we saw a year ago, not much further ahead.

I think I might know what our problem is.  It’s actually a “giving problem”, if you will.  We associate giving maybe, initially, with money. Sure, it can be…but it’s more than that.  It’s giving our time, our heart, our stuff.  It’s giving to a relationship, our emotional vulnerability. It’s giving our heart to a habit when we wish we could quit.  It’s giving our loyalty to things that really don’t matter and can’t fulfill us in the long run.  They feel good when we buy them or having them bought for us.  But over time they fade too.

The purpose of my post this morning is to invite you to something that I think can take this whole thing and tip it on it’s head for good.

Here is our giving problem in one, concise little package:

Giving is who you are,

not just something you do.

When you know who you are, you will know what to do.  And when giving is who you are, the possibilities of what’s next are endless.  

We’ve been hiding out.  Crouched behind the best of intentions and hidden disappointment we fall back into old patterns.  We live our lives wishing it weren’t the case, convinced that another ball will drop 363 days from now and we’ll get it right.  Here’s the thing.  No…we won’t.  Not as long as we identify where we are at as a WHAT issue.  It’s a WHO thing.  And when we can admit that there is more to life than getting from point A to point B and looking good doing it? Something starts to shift.

It becomes ok to admit we aren’t who we thought we’d be by now.  It’s ok to wrap our arms around one another and make the intentional decision to make the necessary changes to make it happen.  We can tear down the walls we hide behind and build one we can sit atop with joy.

One decision will make it happen.  When we make every single thought, action and word we speak center around BEING givers.  Giving of our time, our heart, our stuff…and yes, even our money.  Because the reality is there is a huge broken world out there that needs us.  It’s in our organizational structure. It’s in our businesses. It’s in our schools.  It’s in our homes and our communities.  And it’s certainly around the globe.

So let’s do something radical…

Let’s take down the wall of ignorance we have been hiding behind.

With the energy left over we can begin to build…

The Gumball Wall.  

I’m inviting you to go read about what this GUMBALL WALL is all about, and how you can commit to being a part of it today.

Here is the link: 

And don’t wait.  Don’t have the best of intentions to look at it later.  Do it right now.  What happens when you connect your intentions to actions is the most freeing feeling you will ever know.  And when it’s SO much bigger than just you?

Well, that just makes getting back into the “normal” routine today seem silly doesn’t it.

I’m glad you are here.  Click on that link.  Fill out the contact form to start a conversation that could change everything…forever.  Stop trying to have all the answers before you start moving in the direction of change.  You can’t bring change without taking the first step to learning more about how it’ll happen.

For you.  For me.  For us.  And for the world of little faces, broken hearts and hurting people that are waiting for us to…



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