How to launch a Preemptive “Revolutionary Strike”.

My CEO that makes sure my focus in on the right perspective.

My CEO that makes sure my focus in on the right perspective.

I’ll admit, I’ve grown to be a bit “meh-blah” about new years resolutions.  As I’ve gotten older I just find more oomph in getting after what it is I am inspired by, should be inspired by or should be inspiring others with…RIGHT NOW.

But since we are nipping at the heels of a big, bright ball dropping from sky’s everywhere, I thought the timing was opportune.

Soon…gym memberships will be as popular as Justin Beiber, yet will end up forgotten as fast as a one hit wonder. (Insert favorite one hit wonder here___________.)  Eating better, swearing less, and every other intention to improve who we are gets launched into hyper speed.  Well, at least for like…30 days or so.  Most of us will then fall back into our recliners, eat excessive amounts of sugar anything and carb everything.  We’ll fly off the handle and lose our cool on completely inconsequential stuff that really doesn’t matter in the long run.  It’s a cycle we have gotten quite good at really.  None of us are immune to it.  Or are we?

What if we launched a “preemptive revolutionary strike”…(yes, with a “v”, not an “s”)

We can break down our little “attention to the right things” problem into two parts.

The “HAVE TO’s” and the “GET TO’s”.

Think about your life in these two categories.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper.  (Yes, actually do it.  You will be glad you did…)  Write out on one side the things you “have to” do.  Job, family obligations, etc…  On the other side write out the things you “get to” to.  Volunteer somewhere, donate to something, etc…

And now think about this next statement.  (Don’t read it once and fly by.  Read it a few times.  Let it really soak in.  Then read it again).

If your “HAVE-TO’s” don’t bring you to your “GET-TO’s”, you need to shift your focus so that they do.

At the end of the day the only thing we are guaranteed is our past.  Our next breath is a gift.  And as long as we continue to treat our life as a list of things we “HAVE TO” do, we are missing the point.  When we look at our job as something we “GET TO” do, and all of the amazing opportunities it opens in our lives something shifts.  Something changes.

When going to work is a “GET TO”, it changes the landscape of everything else in our life.  We begin to see things we didn’t see before.  Opportunities appear where stale obligations did beforehand.   Having to run our kids from one thing to another is something we get to do.  We get to talk with them, dream with them, laugh with them.  Having to take the garbage out becomes something we get to do as we realize it means we have been taken care of with food, shelter and water.  Having to pay bills becomes something we get to do because…well…I think you get the point.

Maybe it’s less about making resolutions to change our behaviors,

and more about a revolution that will change our mindset.

I’d love it if you would join me as this new year approaches us.  Sit with yourself, your family, and your friends.  Write out your “HAVE TO” and “GET TO” list.  See how they merge.  And let yourself suspend belief about what behaviors should change for a moment and focus on what mindset’s need to change.

The mindset shift can bring the behavioral change that actually lasts.

Realizing our bodies are a gift from God to care for, not just for us, but those that depend on us?

Realizing our jobs are a gift from God to care for, not just us, but those that depend on us?

Realizing our relationships are a gift from God to care for, not just us, but those that depend on them?

Three reasons my mindset is shifting to "GET TO" today.

Three reasons my mindset is shifting to “GET TO” today


I pray all of you are able to enjoy something even greater than a list of new year’s resolutions in the days to come.

I pray you are able to embrace a life that will start today and that will bring intentional action.

I pray that you will launch a preemptive “revolutionary” strike that will change your world permanently.

Now that is something worth doing, because we “GET TO”…not because we “HAVE TO”.

Perspective Brings Focus.


Thanks for being part of my life.  Your friendship is an honor.





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