“Gould W. Brett, pleased to meet you”. Huh?

Being intentional about who we are will bring the focus we need to have.

Being intentional about who we are will bring the focus for where we are going.

One of the greatest challenges we face everyday is not overcoming a huge obstacle.  At least not the way we think we need to.

Let me ask you a question…

If you and I were to meet right now, face to face, how would you introduce yourself?

If someone told you that my name was Brett W. Gould, and then I stepped up…shook your hand…and said:

“Hi, my name is Gould W. Brett, pleased to meet you!”

Would you find that odd?  Yeah, me too.  But…some might say in rebuttal, “We get the idea, it’s no big deal”.

The moment we treat who we are, and how we communicate as “no big deal”,

we’ve lost our ability to focus on what builds a culture of winning.

In the classroom, the board room, our organizations, our businesses and the community we live.

On the athletic field, within our families, throughout our relationships.

Let me take it a step further…

Project CP3 is “A language that builds a culture of winning”.

What if someone said:

Project CP3 is “A language that builds a winning culture”?

It may not sound like a big deal now, but where do you draw the line?

If you aren’t united under a specific, clearly articulated vision…what else are you willing to compromise on?

The leader who is intentional will lead an organization that is incredibly influential.

The commitment from the beginning will determine:

If you end up where you want to go…

If you bring the change you so desperately want to…

If you leave the legacy you long to.

Talk to you soon.



Brett W. Gould


Or is it…

Gould W. Brett?

I think I will stick with the former.

How about you?

Your organization, business, ministry, athletic team, board of directors…

How do the people on your “team” cast your vision?

Clearly articulate with intentional purpose, or,  “close enough”?

I’ll tell you soon enough.  So will everyone else.  If we remember you.

(Hint:  No one remembers “average with the best of intentions”)

Exceptional because you were intentional?

Those are the ones we say, “Thanks for the memories” to one day.

That’s perspective.


Perspective Brings Focus.


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