Get After It.



Walls are a funny thing.  They hold stuff up.  You can lean on them.  They offer support.

They can also be the largest obstacle in front of you.  They can keep you out.  They can be hard to get over.

How you view the wall in front of you will determine where you end up.

This wall is a wall of careful thought and intentional action.  This wall is holding more words by the day.  This wall is the birthplace of a movement that will shake and shape generations.  This wall will be the very reason I get to where I am called to go.

What you see before you is the wireframe for my first book “Come Back Bringing”.

The very idea of taking on the task of writing a book could have been the undoing in and of itself for me.  It isn’t easy by a long stretch.

What is it for you?

What is the wall that is staring you in the face today?

It’s simple…

You are either going to use it to get you to where you need to go, or as the excuse to quit and stay where you are at.

It’s either a wall you scale to get where you are called to or the obstacle why you can’t.

I think the choice is obvious.

Get after it!



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