Teaching Others To “Own The Moment”.


One of the most challenging aspects of coaching is making the most of “sideline time”.  This photo was from our first round playoff game this year, a 1-0 win.  It reminded me just how important it is to leverage the limited teaching moments we have during a game.

Those moments in between play where you have the opportunity to make a quick adjustment that could very well determine the outcome of the game.  I used to think that the more I talked about why the adjustment was important to the athlete, the better they would ultimately understand and implement it.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The challenge is to get the athlete to identify the opportunity & describe how they will make the necessary adjustment.

Once they can articulate the change needed, the odds of them implementing it go up exponentially.

In the coming days I will be referring you to a link that will describe the system that I developed as a coach over the past 15 years, and continue to use to this day.  It has allowed athletes to achieve results much faster and with more accuracy than ever before.  And it isn’t limited to the athletic field.

It’s an entire language that any team, organization, company or individual can use to achieve the results they are looking for.

I’m looking forward to sharing this with you very soon.  In the meantime, think about something that you wish you could be achieving better results with on the athletic field, at work, at home…

The system I will share with you will start you on the path to seeing the results in those very areas you care so deeply about.

It’s going to change the way you look at “the game”.

Your “sideline time” will be something you look forward to as you watch those around you own the moment, and go get the results.

You will be teaching yourself and others how to “Own The Moment”.

Talk to you soon!

Until then…




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