The Last Leaf.

One tree.  One leaf left.

Literally hundreds of leaves used to attach themselves to these branches.  They provided shade and beauty.  Their color morphed over time and provided a canvas of color to take in over time.  Their time has now past, and a new season is arriving.  Only one single leaf remains on this tree.  With the winds today, it won’t last long.

Seeing this leaf hanging on for dear life made me think about seasons.  As one arrives, the one before it fades.  One season is making it’s presence felt, the other becoming a mere memory. There isn’t anything that leaf can do to stop the seasons from changing.

That brought on this question…

Are we clinging so desperately to what once was that we are unable to prepare for what will be?

I challenge you to join me in really looking at that question and how it applies to every single area of your life.  What season(s) are you clinging to that you need to let go of?  What season(s) do you need to be preparing for?  What season(s) are you in right now that you need to leverage and launch forward from?

A simple reminder today that can have a profound impact on our tomorrow.

When we are intentional about how we handle our moments right now, we can birth a movement moving forward.

If…we are willing to enjoy seasons of change rather than resenting them.

“The last leaf” can be a source of angst, or anticipatory excitement.

Your choice.


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