I Have My Answer.

As I sit to write this morning the music in the background speaks to me…over and over the words “Fill me up God, Fill me up God, Fill me up God!”  The picture I took today was chosen before those words came through the speakers in my office, but the theme isn’t lost on me.  The picture came as a result of our three year old speaking into my heart.

My wife and I have had some deeply meaningful discussions this morning about…what else…today’s Presidential election.

At the moment when more silence was filling the room than talking, I posed a question to Sawyer as he snuggled into mommy’s arms.

“Sawyer, who should we vote for?”

He mumbles a bit, so I ask him again…

“Sawyer, (he turns his head to look at me) who should we vote for?”  He turns and looks away over his mommy’s shoulder and speaks two words.  Two words that might not seem like much.  But two words that sent me racing for my Bible after he said them.

“Water cups”.

Really?  Water cups?  What could that possibly have to do with the question we were asking him?

I looked at my wife as she looked back with her sweet smile.  She asked me “What could that possibly mean?”

And I knew.  In an instant, I knew.

In that very moment I knew that the two words Sawyer spoke were a quiet confirmation that the answer we were looking for was no further away than The Word of God.  Specifically in words Jesus spoke to his disciples in the book of Matthew.

So I told my wife “I know.  I’ll prove it”.

I ran up to my office and grabbed my Bible where I had been studying a passage just the night before.  I thumbed quickly through the verses until I landed on it.

Matthew 10:42

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones

because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward”.

And in that moment everything became clear.

I looked at my wife and said “We need the man in office that will read those words of Jesus and be that person”.

It’s not about the person that can/cannot help an economy recover, fix our education system, or  has a “perfect foreign policy”.  I believe that success in those areas are by-products of a vision that aligns with being the hands and feet of Jesus.

What I need to know is that the person who leads our nation seeks to simply lead from a Matthew 10:42 heart.


Not Jesus with a sprinkle of anything else…

Just Jesus.

“To the least of these”.

I just became un-un-decided.

I have my answer…

Thanks Sawyer.  I love you little man.  You are wise beyond your years.


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