The White House vs. The Right House.


Three houses.  Two choices.  One movement.

The White House.  His House.  Our House.

His Vision.  Our Version.

Come Back Bringing.

You may be wanting a bit more of an explanation.  I’ll oblige.  While traveling yesterday I heard something on the radio just shy of the lunch hour that caused me to pull over immediately.  I needed to write it down.  I couldn’t risk traveling another 20-30 minutes and forget the exact words I had just heard.

“…the battle for control of the White House”.

I had this overwhelming feeling that this is precisely why our country is in trouble.  We are more concerned with the person we are putting in the White House than serving God and building His House.

Our country isn’t going to thrive as long we continue to do life the way we are doing it.

So I’ve mentioned The White House and His House.  What does Our House mean?  Look at the picture.  That is Our House.  The people there are dear friends of my wife and I.  On February 5, 2012 we started gathering to speak life, love and hope into the next generation.

We started making the focus of Our House, building HIS HOUSE .

Haggai 1:9 says this:

“You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little.  What you brought home, I blew away.  Why?” declares the Lord Almighty.  “Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house”.

I have lived most of my life (37+ years) focused on the wrong house.  I was completely dialed in to building MY HOUSE.  What I brought home did blow away.  It lasted for a little while, but eventually it was gone.  The harder I tried the worse it got.

I lost three jobs in two years.  I blamed it on the economy, as the organizations I worked for were failing.  In reality and retrospect it had nothing to do with the economy.  My focus was on control and outcomes that I deemed important.  Does that sound like most of the political conversations you are hearing right now a couple of weeks prior to the Presidential election?

We can argue all day about the economy and who can fix it, but it isn’t dealing with the real issue.

We need to start making the focus of our nation the building of HIS Kingdom.

It won’t matter who controls the White House quite frankly.  If we continue on the path our nation is on I can guarantee you one thing.   Four years from now we will argue about the same issues, be no further ahead and try to convince ourselves that we’ve found THE PERSON to bring the change our nation so desperately needs.

Breaking News…

We already have THE ANSWER.  His name is Jesus Christ.

Let’s set aside the battle for control over the White House and make the focus of Our House, His House.  Let’s deal with the fact that the most important decision we are facing isn’t on election day.  It’s today.

I mentioned at the start of this article “Two Choices”.

That is where we are right now.

We make the decision to build the house of the Lord or the excuse to focus on our house.

It’s two choices.  One will honor the God that created us.  The other is putting our faith in the House that has failed us consistently.

It’s God’s vision for our future or our version.  We accept THE truth or debate our many versions of it.

The moment we accept God’s vision for our life and let go of pursuing our version we are right in the center of where we need to be as a person and a nation.  Will I vote when election day comes?  Absolutely.  I will push a lever for one of the candidates.  I will pray for both of them.  They are children of the same God that I serve.  He has great plans for their lives.  He has great plans for their families.  And your family.  And my family.

As election day nears, you too will have a choice to make.  I encourage you to vote.  Hiding from the process because you are frustrated with it doesn’t help to solve it.  Recognizing the fact that we need to focus on building God’s House includes speaking life, love and hope into a process that is failing, broken and hurting.

Three houses.  Two choices.  One movement.


The movement started long ago.  The movement continues today.

Jesus Christ went to the cross for us.  He went to the grave.

And he won.

And when he rose to the right hand of God He did something that changed everything for us.


He knew that there truly is nothing convenient about being part of an uncommon move of God.  Yet He chose to do it anyway.  And at the end of the day he CAME BACK BRINGING life, love, hope, forgiveness, compassion, redemption and purpose.

That is THE movement we need to align our hearts and minds and lives with.

That is THE movement that will focus on the right house.

That is THE movement that will COME BACK BRINGING the change we all want to see.

That is THE movement that you will find coming to life at…

Will you join me so that we can COME BACK BRINGING together?









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