Somewhere Under The Rainbow…


I have the honor, and privilege of coaching some of the world’s next game changers.  They are incredibly smart.  They are quick with the wit and even faster with the comeback.  They work hard to get better at the game they play everyday.  Oh, and they are a pretty scrappy soccer team too.  See…they know that as much as what we are doing is about learning soccer, it’s more about how to approach life.

Just ask any of them.

Ask them these four questions and see what they say:

1.  You can’t do anything unless you are under __________.

2.  You have to have a ______________.

3.  So that you will be in the right ________________.

4.  And to get the job done you have to do it with the right _______________.

(I’ll fill in the blanks tomorrow.  But if you are a parent or teacher of these great student-athletes, ask them.  They will tell you!)

This picture made me think that Judy Garland got the lyrics all turned around to her famous “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.  With all due respect, dreaming about something “out there” doesn’t bring the change we need in this world “down here”.

The next generation doesn’t only need us to help them dream dreams… 

They need us to stand behind and support them as they bring change.

Dreaming about what’s over the rainbow is great.  Just not at the expense of making those dreams a reality.

The next generation is standing under the rainbow, ready to act.

How are we helping them get to the place where their dreams really do come true.

Food for thought today…




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