Just A Few Feet Away.


A point of view is a powerful thing.  We have all heard the phrase “They couldn’t see the forest for the trees”.

This past Saturday one of my best friends treated me to a round of golf for my birthday.  We played a course he hadn’t played in ten years and I had never had the opportunity to play before.  Needless to say we laughed a lot as we got to learn the different turns, angles and placement of fairways, greens and pins.

I snapped this shot on the last hole.  You can see the pin off in the distance on the right side of the picture.  What was hard to capture was the vast drop off in elevation from the tee to the green.  120 yards away wasn’t the problem.  It was judging if the pitching wedge I was going to use was the right choice based on the steep drop off.  Would it be too much club and result in my ball swimming in the lake behind it?  Would it be too short and I turn a par 3 into a quick 7 because my second shot is buried in the steepest side hill lie man has ever known? (Yeah, that usually doesn’t end well)

Before I took my tee shot I saw the sun peering through the trees and I knew I had to scramble (pun intended) to get my camera to capture the moment.  The view was incredible.  The sun’s warmth through the trees lit up the landscape like it was an art piece on display for the eyes in front of it.

Back to the phrase “They couldn’t see the forest for the trees”.  Just a few feet away and I could have missed the vantage point I was taking in.  Just a few feet and I could have been jammed in the middle of thick brush, dense trees and I’m guessing a smattering of various little woodland creatures all around me.

I wouldn’t have seen the beautiful  landscape that was just a few feet away because I would have been complaining about what was right in front of me.  I would have missed the beauty of the sun beaming through the trees because I was looking down at my feet convinced that was more important.

My point today is simple.

You may be but a few feet away from the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen.  You may be a few feet away from feeling the power of the sun on your face as it bounces off of the world in front of you and makes its way to you.  The view you want, the view you desire and the one you were meant to see may be just a few feet away.

It’s your choice.  You can complain about where you think you are stuck and what you can’t see.  OR…you can pick your head up and move forward in the direction where you will be free of the trees.

And once you are free of the trees you will see the beauty of the forest.

That thing that was so hard, difficult and frustrating is the very thing that will possess beauty in your eyes once you are out of it.  Why?  Because when you are buried in the trees with no hope it’s hard to see the value.  When you press in, move through and get past the trees your reward is seeing the beauty of the forest from the other side.

And that beauty came because you went.

Go beyond what your circumstances tell you are permanent and walk into what your calling knows is a reality.

A view from a top the forest, with the sunlight on your face…waiting for you to look your destiny straight in the face and tee off.

And trust me…

There is no better feeling than seeing your tee shot in the air, as you stand on top of the hill, knowing you are living out your dream.

So if you feel stuck today, just remember…

Odds are, you are just a few feet away from seeing the forest for the trees.

And the view (the BIG picture) truly is…


You can do this.  I believe in you!

Just a few feet away is a point of view that is powerful!


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