Sometimes, It’s Better Than You Think…


I was out for a walk.  Something that I enjoy doing to get away from “the details” of life that can weigh us down so that the important things in life will come to the surface.  The further I walked I began to pick up a splash of color off in the distance.  Still aways off, it looked as though a tree had been painted.  My first thought was “Will that tree live if someone had painted it?”  Followed by “Why would someone paint a tree?”  And finally, I was close enough to see what you are seeing now.  It wasn’t painted at all.  I went from “Oh, no…that tree might die” to “Oh, WOW…that tree looks amazing!”

Art will do that to you.  At first we aren’t sure what it is.  At a distance we tend to make a judgement on it before we actually know the facts.  But the few that allow themselves to get close enough to it to experience it?  Those people get to experience it for what it truly is.

We are all artists.

Some of you actually just said out loud, “No I’m not”.  Hear me out.  So you can’t paint anything that resembles a portrait, your photography always has your thumb in the corner of the image because you are so clumsy with a camera.  Your best pottery piece is in your mothers attic because that is where it belongs.  You know, the 1st grade ceramic pencil holder you made.  It deserves to be seen as history (in the attic in a box) not so much a show piece of elegance and function.

Fine.  If that is your version of what an artist is you may be right.  Be I would like to suggest that your definition of an artist is too limited.

An artist creates.  They pour themselves into something they love to leave something someone else can love.

A banker, lawyer, or accountant.  Their art is every bit as important as this beautiful “Tree Cozy”.  They pour themselves into their craft to help a young couple buy their first home that a life time of memories will be made in.  They navigate difficult conversations to bring closure to sometimes painful times in life in a way that leaves people feeling healthy and able to move on.  Or they help someone avoid life changing decisions in their finances that could cripple them and instead have a new perspective on how to budget their resources to thrive.

Artists are the lifeblood of progress.

This “Tree Cozy” will only be there for two weeks.  At which point the artist that created it will remove it, and draw our focus to their next piece of work.

They’ve been working on the next one while we enjoy this one.

I have a challenge for you today.  It’s a two parter.

1.  See the craft, talent and gifts you have as an opportunity to amaze and inspire those to walk towards your “painted tree”.

2.  Focus on the art you are working on, get it on display.  But don’t stop there.  While people are having their lives impacted by your art PLEASE…keep working on more.

This post is a little longer than normal.  That’s ok.  It’s like the tree in this picture.  It wasn’t until I walked long enough to get there that I realized what it was, what I needed to see that day, and how it would impact my life.

Art does that.

It draws you in by its beauty and sends you out through its inspiration.

You are an artist.

There are artists all around you.

Walk long enough to see other people’s true art.

Don’t stop short thinking its just a painted tree.

See the art for what it is and what it does.

Beautiful and inspirational.

And don’t stop there…

Commit to creating your art so that it can change the lives of those it impacts.

Let someone else walk toward your “painted tree” only to get so close that they say to themselves…

“It’s Better Than I Thought.”

That’s the value of art.

Pretty amazing stuff, really.


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