“The Trap”.


What do you see here?

If you answered “Ant Trap” you are absolutely correct!

If you answered anything else you were probably looking at it through the eyes of a grown adult.  How dare you!  Ok, maybe that was a bit heavy handed.  But if you couldn’t sense the tongue in cheekiness of it, you probably need a heavy hand upside your…well, never mind.

The point?

The creativity that pours out of a 5 year old as he brings a solution to an ant problem may not look like the actual answer when its all said and done.  But how that creativity is nurtured over the long haul will, in fact, very much dictate whether or not that 5 year old grows into a 15, 20 or 25 year old that believes his creativity CAN bring solutions at that point.

What are you doing to encourage those around you to think differently?  To pursue something that may not turn out to be “the answer” now in order to develop their potential to create even better answers later?

The moment we get “serious” about the now may be the very moment we lose focus on the future.

There is a balance to strike between accomplishing tasks today and nurturing the future.  One should build the other, not squash it.

If not?

You may not get any ants today.

But I can guarantee you that you won’t in the future either.


You’ve already told them they don’t have what it takes to solve the problem.

Clarification:  You actually TRAINED them to believe they don’t have the answer to the problem.

Do you see the ant trap in the picture now?

Yeah, thought you might.



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