Project CP3

There is nothing convenient about being part of an uncommon movement.

For some people that first statement is where they will stop reading.  The idea that they might have to make changes, much less admit that those changes could be drastic, is literally just too much to consider anything said past that point.

For others, however, that first statement infuses life, hope and energy into a situation that desperately needs it and longs for it.  That person understands that anything done, and done well, involves the element of sacrifice.   There isn’t an athlete on this planet that doesn’t understand that concept.  A .500 team doesn’t sacrifice nearly what a team that goes undefeated does.  There isn’t an administrator at a University or in a Public School that doesn’t understand that concept.  The long hours, endless meetings and constant conflict coming at them from all angles serves as a reminder that staying the same isn’t going to bring the results that only come through true change.

Project CP3 isn’t another program.  Its not about changing your “policies”.  Its not even about change in re: to stopping a problem.

It is a language.  A lifestyle.  A shift in focus that brings results.

Results that come when the focus is on people and a solution, not programs and problems.

Think about this statement:  “We just need to get everybody on the same page”.

Respectfully, we have all said that for a very long time.  And for a very long time, we have all been very wrong.

Its not about being on the same page.  I’ll prove it.  If you and I had the same book and you wanted to talk about its contents you might suggest it would be most helpful if we were “on the same page”.  I would suggest to you that if your copy is in Chinese and mine is in English we have a problem.  We can be on the same page all day long.  If we are looking at two different languages of the book something is going to get lost in translation.

And that is the very point that most teams, schools, organizations, ministries and businesses find themselves in today.

Project CP3 is a language that helps the dialogue not only take place, but truly open up.  It allows the true issues to surface so that actual progress can be made.  It isn’t for every group, because honestly some just like things “the way that they are”.  They want different results, and absolutely NONE of the sacrifice, commitment and work it will take to make it happen.

I could go on forever about the amazing ways I have already seen Project CP3 change people, teams and their perspectives.  But that is for a more personalized conversation to your specific needs as an organization.  A conversation that we should have VERY soon.

I look forward to talking with you soon about the full story and how Project CP3 could work in and with your group.

Click Project CP3 to learn more about Project CP3 and how to get in touch with us.

Thank you for taking the time to be here.  It is truly an honor to be a part of your world.



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