Let’s Do This!

Pastor Steven Furtick.

He didn’t change my life.

His obedience did.

I want to honor my Pastor today.  It’s my birthday, and it’s what I want for my birthday.  That you would see what I have.  That you will experience something GREATER.  You’ve known that your life has a calling.  It’s not too late.

You are just in time.

You see, it’s like this.  When I say Pastor Steven didn’t change my life, he didn’t.  Because if he had decided to live his life however HE chose to, outside of his calling I wouldn’t even know who he is.

When he said yes to the call that God had placed on his heart at 16 years old, something shifted.  The trajectory of his life changed, sure.  But something incredible began that not even he could have known that day.  The trajectory of countless others lives changed.  An incredible understatement would be 12,000+.

That’s how many worship at Elevation Church every weekend.  But his impact is undeniably global.

One man.  One moment.  One decision.

What if he had said no?  What if his version for his life had won out?  What if?

It’s a question that paralyzes, when it should propel us.

The answer can lead us to a life of mediocrity or leading a movement.

A movement of something GREATER.

10 years later Pastor Steven and 8 families sold everything they had and moved to Charlotte, NC to follow the vision God placed on Pastor Steven’s heart.

Here we are 6 years later.  A 16 year old kid said yes to God.  He spent the next 10+ years in obscurity.  Training.  Waiting.  Being obedient in the quiet moments as God prepared him to move into globally transforming moments.

Thousands hang on his every word because he has proven

he hangs on THE WORD.

That kind of person is not a person of authority.  It’s better.  He’s a man of influence.

Jesus Christ changed my life.  My Pastor’s obedience gives me an example of how to do this thing called life in a way I hadn’t seen before.  I was the master of settling for good, when something way beyond my finite plans existed that I could have instead.

Something more.



It’s my birthday.  You have to listen to me.  It would be so un-cool if you didn’t.  I will win that argument all day.  Not every day.  Just today, because it’s my birthday.  You have to love me more today.  😉  So I am going to capitalize on that.  😉

So my blog today is simple.

I want for you what I have begun to realize for my life.

There IS more.  There IS a calling.  This IS real.

And when I try to do all of it on my own, I can’t realize any of it.

It’s through my relationship with Jesus Christ.

It’s spoken into my life through my Pastor.  Pastor Steven Furtick.

It’s a day in my life that I hope changes yours.

I hope you are never the same.  Not because I said something clever.  I won’t ever change your life.  But my prayer is that my obedience to the calling God has placed on my life will.

So I want to wish you happy birthday, on my birthday.  That today you would experience life in a new way.  And I can think of no better encouragement in your journey to do so than the book my Pastor is releasing today…


You are worth it.  You matter to me.  You matter to God.  You matter to the lives you are called to impact.  Can you honestly say right now that it’s no big deal?

Pastor Steven said yes when no one was looking.  When hardly anyone noticed.  Through his obedience to his call the story of his life has been the inspiration behind the trajectory change of thousands of others.

His GREATER obedience has opened GREATER doors to many.

His GREATER sacrifice has seen GREATER impact of changed lives.

GREATER than he could have ever known.


But not GREATER than God had planned all along.

Make this day matter.

More than any other before it.

Make 9/4/12…


Happy Birthday.

On my birthday, to you.  May this be a new day for you.  A birthday of the “new you”.

Thank you for being a part of my life.  It’s an honor to call you friend.

And I want to publicly thank my Pastor.

Pastor Steven…

It’s an honor to learn from you.  Your obedience has indeed changed my life.  Thank you for “getting on that plane”.  I know you know what that means.  I want you to also know what it means to me.  To my wife.  To our children.

To my calling.

Thank you.  I am a blessed man to call you my Pastor.

May God bless you and Holly and your beautiful family.  We pray for you all the time.  Elevation Church has been such a blessing to so many.  We are just 5 of those people.  We look forward to continuing to serve alongside you to make sure it’s a number we could one day hope to not be able to count.  The number of lives changed.  The number of lives who have responded to God’s call on theirs.

Thank you.

Brett W. Gould

You can learn more about GREATER DAY (Yup, today) here:


Buy the book here:


I can’t wait to hear how it changes your life.

I can’t wait to share with you how it is changing mine.

Let’s do this.

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