Perspective Brings Focus.


It’s a holiday so I thought a picture from a parade would be a perfect match.

It was a small parade in our small college town.  It’s an end of summer tradition.  And for our almost three year old?


Go to a parade and watch the moment that candy starts flying towards the spectators.  The excitement that is seen on the faces of the kids is infectious.  It makes parents smile.  It’s one of the little joys in life of being a parent.  But there is more to the story.

Notice the size of the candy in the picture.  It’s as big as his head!  Or is it?

Your perspective will determine your experience.

“Look what I have!”


“It’s just a piece of candy.”

Life is full of choices.  Part of those choices is the lens you look through before you make your decision and the way you speak about it after you do.  You can inspire those around you to see the blessings in life and talk about them in a way that is infectious.  Or you can mention in passing what it is.  State it as a mere fact and move on to the next boring part of life wishing you had more.

Life is full of moments like this.

Will you see them for the joy they bring or wish them away waiting for something “better”.

Better is right in front of you.

Perspective brings focus.



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