Why Failing Forward Is A GREAT Idea.

“Opinions and advice fall short. Systems and strategies built from a clearly articulated vision, support”.

I tweeted that earlier today, and this picture reminded me of it.

I held this umbrella the other day on my long walk to keep my computer from getting destroyed in a rainstorm.  It kept me from ending up at my destination soaking wet as well.

Here’s the deal:  I could have asked 50 people what I needed to do, but I used something that was clearly meant for that moment instead.

We rely way to heavily on random thoughts when we should be actively developing systems and strategies that solve those problems.  The umbrella was a response to one person realizing there was a better way.  Now we all benefit from that person’s drive to accomplish something rather than complain about getting wet.  That strategy is one we automatically reach for on a rainy day.  We don’t need to ask what to do.  The system and strategy is in place.   One person’s clearly articulated vision to solve a problem took care of that.

What is it that you are talking about that you need to be be solving instead?

Too many times we “collect opinions” to “help us”, when in reality we just like to find other people who will complain with us.

My challenge for you today is this:  No matter how small or inconsequential it may seem, solve a problem today.

Don’t talk to anyone about if they think it’s a problem.  If you have noticed it is a problem, take some initiative to get the ball rolling.  Listen to your surroundings to make the best possible solution, but don’t use them as an excuse for why it can’t happen or won’t work.

Fail forward.

Try again.

Keep going.

You might just look up and realize it’s raining out, and you are completely dry.




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