Cheese or Sour Grapes?



A word we don’t hear a lot these days.  A word that should carry great weight and profound meaning when it’s mentioned.

The pics today are an impromptu I phone photo shoot with our youngest son, Sawyer, and Uncle Matt.  (My older brother)

I love the curiosity of children.  The way they get excited to see their life unfold on camera.  Be it a still shot or video.  Almost always after I take photos or video of our children they will run up to me and ask to see it right away.  What’s happened to us as we have gotten older that many of us do just the opposite?

We run away.  We put our hand in front of the camera, so as not to allow the photographer or videographer a chance to get us on film.

Life happens.

We get older, tired and unimpressed by the site of ourselves on display.  As children, they see the moment for what it is created for, was intended to be, and is:  FUN.

Maybe its time that we think about the joy a child has at seeing their own smile.

In order to do that for ourselves something is going to have to give.

What are you willing to walk away from that is competing for your time and attention that is unhealthy?  It’s holding you back from where you were created to, destined to go in life.

Here is my final thought…

If you can’t get excited about seeing your own face on film/photo, maybe it’s time to get back to the face you had when you liked that.

Child-like enthusiasm, vigor, and drive to change the world.

Adoration of the possible.

It sounds cliche’ doesn’t it?

It may be.

But it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Go find a photo booth and cram some friends in their with you and stick your tongues out on the count of three.

The world needs that version of you.  Not the version that doesn’t smile and sticks their hand in front of the camera.

“CHEESE!” is so much better than the alternative of SOUR GRAPES.




(I hope you stuck your tongue out!  Live a little will ya!)



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