A “BIG BUT!” Might Just Save The Day.

“I think so”.  “I’m not sure”.  “I tried to”.  “I’m trying to”.  “I’m waiting for”.  “It might happen”. “I don’t know”.

Have you ever convinced yourself that the first answer you got to your challenge was the only answer you’ll ever get?  If so, your response will sound just like the phrases above.

Sentences that start with those phrases are doomed before you even hear the ending.


It’s followed by a BIG “BUT!…”

The “BUT…” infers you aren’t satisfied with the first answer you get.  The one that makes you doubt, quit early, lose resolve to see to completion or generally walk away from before you should.

The “BUT…” means it’s important enough to you to ask questions, press into, and better understand so that you can shift.

The shift enables you to see your challenge from a different angle.  A new and fresh perspective. A focus with a purpose.

The fresh perspective gives you new energy and resolve to see the challenge through until the very end.


The next time you start a sentence that sounds like it’s admitting defeat way before its time to…

look for the “BIG BUT!” that’s right in front of you.

It might just save the day.



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