Put The Stylus In Your Other Hand!

The position of the Stylus tells the story.

Depending on when you watch him play his game you will see it firmly grasped in his left hand, or maybe his right hand.

It’s both.


Because no one told him he is right handed.  No one has told him he is left handed.  He just knows he has two of them, and for him that means they are both there to be used.  And the more he uses both, the more ability he gains to be able to accomplish more things.

There is a simple beauty in looking at the world through the eyes of a child.  Simple is better.  Everything is possible.  Don’t tell me it’s not possible.  All phrases that we, as adults, have grown accustomed to seeing as “cliches” and throw aways.

I wonder what the world would look like if a few people grabbed their life today by their “less dominant” hand and gave it a try?

I wonder what the world would look like if a few people decided that they would switch hands and go for it.

The world is quick to tell you “It won’t work and here is why”…

But when the why is followed by the phrase “We’ve tried it before and it doesn’t work” ask them how many times they tried it.  My guess is you’ll find a perseverance problem not a fundamental functional problem.  We live in a world that quits when something gets hard vs. digging in and trying harder, for longer, until you reach you goal.

If the why is followed by the phrase “It’s the way we have always done things” ask them why right back.  You will likely be met with the follow up “If it ain’t broke don’f fix it”.  That’s when you drop the comeback “The horse and buggy wasn’t broke, but Henry Ford still pursued his solution”.

Most people want a V6 that gets them places but won’t leave a Hoof4 mentality so that they can get there.

It’s time we asked more of ourselves.  More of our peers.  More of our world.

Progress, life change and breakthroughs are born out of perseverance, a child-like faith, and taking a few risks.

How are your daily decisions being defined today?

Is it time to put the stylus in your other hand?





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